Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2018 Edition


I can’t remember who posted it sorry but just wanted to say thanks for whoever in this thread/last year’s thread mentioned the recent(ish) Secret Pyramid album.

I thought it was good when I first heard it, but I’ve gradually been re-visiting more and more frequently as the months have rolled on. It’s just really lovely and the tracks are restrained in a way that after a few listens they feel huge to me.

Link here:


Absolutely this!

I keep coming back to it as well. It’s become one of my real ambient faves of 2017 in what was a very strong year.

#163 Just posted the newest album review on my blog, for Warmth’s newest album on ARCHIVES, released today. Beautiful stuff, highly recommended for fans of warm, billowy drones like those of Hotel Neon, Chihei Hatakeyama, or that Gray Acres record I posted last month.


Ooooo. LOVED Home. Yay.


That great little Dialect record from the other week Forest Swords released is up on youtube now, handily, considering I hate Spotify.


Would recommend this. A cello and some pedals to make a moody mix of classical and ambient electronic. Quite intense. I hadn’t heard of the artist before but apparently they did a lot of stuff with Johann Johannsson who collaborated on the first track.


Thoroughly enjoyed the new SVLBRD album Stratus which just came out;


Also the new Warmth record “Parallel” which was previously mentioned, could be my ambient record of the year so far. Fantastic.


adds to list of albums to check out


This is really lush. Good recommendation.


The posthumous album from Chris Reimer (guitarist from Women) came out a few weeks back. Curated by his family from loads of recordings and tapes he’d made over the years. Really gorgeous minimal ambient guitar stuff. It’s desperately sad that he died so young:

#172 Hey friends. Since some of you have shown some interest in past posts, here’s my latest album review, this one for Yuri’s Diamene, an incredible album straddling the lines of drone, noise, and electronic music while also sounding like nothing else I’ve ever heard. Highly recommend you check out the label, Janushoved. Probably my most exciting recent discovery. So much insanely good stuff on there, though i’d start with this one, the newest Hercegovina record (which I also reviewed and will post tomorrow), and the newest one by Brahim Yilmnaz. Insanely good stuff.


I love the new album from Arcseconds.

Really neat. Gives off dark Blade Runner style vibes.


New Hotel Neon today is predictably floating hazy warm loveliness.


Any idea where you can find a download of this? It’s absolutely brilliant but, despite several hours of trying, I can’t get hold the damned thing (legit or otherwise!), and I’m not one for streaming…



EDIT - found it :wink:



Just reviewed Halftribe’s newest one on Dronarivm. The album will prob be up many of your alleys!

“Matching the humid, city nightscape atmospheres of its album art, For Summer, or Forever opens with the warm, hypnotizing blur of Sacred, a panoramic sweep of the city as seen — or heard — from the stillness of a rooftop, the long exposure of headlights leaving glowing tracers across the darkness in ghostly afterimages. Alongside the hum of the urban microcosm also exist the sounds of the natural world, sourced from unexpected means; pastoral landscapes sound as if carved with the lazercut focus of a highly advanced technology, a workshop of terrestrial creation for scales both planetary and molecular.”


Woah - this sounds lovely


New Markus Guentner out next month on ASIP again. Loved Theia, so, yay.


I agree. This is perfect ambient. Immediate relaxation.