Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition

Another year, another thread!

Thanks to @Mr.Lady for pulling together the formal vote for our DiS ambient record of 2018.

1 = Warmth – Parallel: 14
1 = Sarah Davachi - Let Night Come On Bells End the Day: 14
3 = Rafael Anton Irisarri - Midnight Colours: 9
3 = Jake Muir - Lady’s Mantle: 9
5 = Snufmumriko - Dromboken: 7
5 = Caterina Barbieri - Born Again In The Voltage: 7

Looking forward to another year of excellent recommendations from you lot!

@NeilYoung linked to this in the old thread - seems like a good starting point for the year. Headphone Commute lists are due soon as well which are always excellent.


On a personal note, got some terrific ambience lined up on Disintegration State. And if any regulars or lurkers want to hear some top DiSers performing live ambient/IDM/techno in Manchester on Feb 16th, then I/we would love to meet you!


Let’s kick the year off with an early release of some shimmering atmospheric dark ambient from Dead Melodies…

Might get back into making ambient music


Welcome back to the best rolling thread on the boards. Looking forward to another year of great discoveries!


Happy New Year to you lovely ambient droning beauties. I’m already excited for the Black to Comm and bvdub records in the next few weeks, and as always the amazing discoveries this thread delivers.

I’m down on the south coast so won’t be able to make your excellent sounding Disintegration State night in Manchester @Twinkletoes. It sounds like it’ll be an incredible night though, and hopefully you’ll be able to take it on tour! #DisintegrationStateWorthing2019

Also finally got round to giving the Warmth album a proper headphone listen, why did I sleep on that, just beautiful work. Will check out Snufmumriko again today x


Figured I’d post this here too and not just the albums released today thread…

From a closerlisten reco’s, If anyone is looking to fall asleep at work on a Friday, then Trio Ramberget is for you! Their aptly title album " Music For Falling Asleep" came out today. Trombone, upright bass, clarinet. Slooooow, like rain drops falling down a window pane.


This sounds lovely but I’m feeling sleepy as it is. One for later I think.

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Headphone Commute lists are here :slight_smile:


New Hilyard LP out last week. Nothing fancy here but some nice subtle ambiance with Poemme collaboration on the opening track.

Just finished listening to all of Chihei Hatakeyama’s records from 2018 (5 from what I can see). And I am completely zenned out. :grin:


Ohhhhh. I loved ‘Mirage’ from 2017 but not got round to any from last year, which do you recommend highest from 2018?

“Butterfly’s Summer and Vanished” I liked most, started with that one off the Headphone Commute. As with most of Hatakeyama’s work similar in scope from album to album but impossible to skip.


the Commute lists reminded how amazing ‘Ten Drones on Cassette’ by A Lilly was.



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Emily Sprague


I’ll wave my podcast flag again.


This is dead good aye

Have fun with longform editions, they release single piece (20-60 mn) batches every 2 months, a few veer towards new-age, others are minimalist, drone, etc, plenty to like


this is dead good - did you spot it on that bandcamp feature? if not, bandcamp are excellent at pulling out good new releases across genres and their coverage of ambient/modern classical is especially good