Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


36 is great. Think you would love Void Dance in particular.


Never heard of him! Great stuff, thanks :pray:


Haven’t posted that much recently so feels like a bit of a JAG, but…

For fans of: rafael anton irisarii, the haxan cloak, belong, eluvium, secret pyramid, etc

At the end of last year my album was released digitally. Bandcamp link here:

The vinyl is available now, which times well with a nice review!


Roly Porter Lifecycle of A Massive Star is epic, Porter Ricks Biokinetics, biosphere’s Patashnik and B12 Time Tourist or Electrosoma (though you may well know all of these already).


ohhh shit roly porter is a very good shout, I’d totally forgotten about that record. thank you!


Oh boy, marry me. This is amaziing.


came here to post this about roly porter


The PYE Corner Audio is an awesome new album.


Am becoming steadily obsessed with this record.

Flippin’ heck, he’s good…



Love these guys so bloody much


O RLY? Will check it out.


Just listening to this

It’s very calming.


Oh this sounds right up my street


Yeah this was great, very relaxing indeed.


This was really tight. What a fucking banger ‘Seventh Labyrinth’ is…


i should rename the Monday Graveyard the Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread Podcast.


This was also very good. Modern composition/piano with a jazzier new age twist.


You clearly got back on that horse big time because I am suddenly 11 episodes behind or something!


I did! One a week, like the good old days, every monday, plus an extra pod every fortnight!

Gotta make that content baby.


Really like the Nivhek record. I liked ‘Grid of Points’ just fine but was surprised how mad everyone went for it, especially how high it go in the The Quietus albums of the year.

Got confirmation today that I’ll be interviewing Sarah Davachi before one of her London shows!!