Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


I’m really liking this 2814 record. Makes me wanna lie in the back of a hover-cab and cruise around a cyberpunk dystopian city at night.


Neon lit-rain running down the window of your 82nd floor, one-room Neo-Tokyo apartment. Blinds half-open. Cigarette burning in an ashtray. Lying on your back, staring at the ceiling, trying to piece together the clues in that series of android murders…


The phone rings - you call out to answer and a far too bright hologram of a woman is projected in the centre of your room. An exec at the Medulla Corporation offering to ‘assist’ with your investigation. You close your eyes and listen for the tell - that little vocal anomaly that’ll confirm she’s not human. Eventually you hear it, which ought to feel comforting, but damn it if it isn’t taking longer to figure out whether or not you’re talking to a machine with every update…

(This is now the Gritty Cop: Neo-Tokyo Nights thread)


This is making me want to go to my parents house and dig out all my old anime VHS tapes from the attic.


I imagine the tape grain would only add to the retro-futurist sort of aesthetic now. Rather than being shit and annoying like it was at the time. Ah, nostalgia.


2814 :heart_eyes: What an utterly transportative album that is. The penultimate track is up there with my all time faves… the way it segues into that near ASMR-inducing spoken word section before suddenly dropping into one final blissful dreamscape… it’s just… transcendent.

Great shout for soundtracking sci-fi. I’d add some Markus Guentner (Theia album used to accompany sessions on Elite pretty majestically) and that Ocoeur album Inner from last year, which is at points decidedly dystopian, Carpenter-esque and just thoroughly excellent all round.


Oh man I love playing Elite with a suitable ambient/drone/IDM soundtrack! I’ve spent so many happy evenings discovering new stuff that way. That’s going straight into my to listen list.


Ah awesome! Hope you enjoy that (I’m fairly confident). It’s such a perfect combo isn’t it? Would love to hear any of your faves too…


well I definitely have to listen to this now, sounds right up my street


Ah man I wish I’d kept a list now. When I was playing Elite a lot I was just getting into ambient-ish stuff via modern classical/modern composition after a lifetime of being fairly ambivalent towards synths, so a lot of them were just nice and relaxing to do some asteroid mining to rather than sounding particularly spacetastic. I remember really getting into Matthew Collings’ Hello Darkness, Marielle Jakobsons Star Core (obvs with that name it’s a shoe in) and Drombeg’s Earthworks, as well as really delving into Tim Hecker, Lawrence English and Ben Frost for the first time while pottering about in asteroid fields. Oh and rinsing the Moon OST as well.

Great days.


Came back to say this^

Just lovely. Thanks @McGarnagle


New bvdub out this friday…


Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh! Drowning In Daylight from last year was one of the best things he’s done for me


Yeah it was brilliant, really looking forward to new release…


Great choices and some for me to try out there. Johann Johannson’s (R.I.P.) Arrival OST is a fantastic sci fi soundtrack too.


New James A McDermid is lovely and serene. It’s on Shimmering Moods who are the best.


The new bvdub is potential AOTY material for me. Didn’t expect to love it as much as I do.

I have even gone as far as order that super-limited edition vinyl even though postage from the US has gone up by an insane amount recently.

It does look bloody gorgeous though


It’s lovely. Think I prefer the previous one though if you’ve not heard that


Yeah this it utterly gorgeous. I did like his last one too but it didn’t quite stick with me for some reason. Gonna give it another whirl I think. Bvdb is so ridiculously consistent I think I sort of take for granted how good he is.

That vinyl package looks stunning too. Dread to think how much you must have got stung on postage though :grimacing:


It basically cost the same as the record… Nice one US postal service.