Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


(sorry thought it was for me)


Would recommend Entangled Time by Amp to anyone who enjoys bvdub style angelic vocal ambience


Haven’t heard any mentions of Amp for a long time. Picked up (cds, you know me) of Stenorette and Astralmoonbeamprojections last year. Great stuff and will check this out (though not digging these spotify links - I don’t have spotify)…


Yes I concur, this was very beautiful indeed. Loved ‘Water Memory’, not sure how I missed this. That’s the beauty of these boards though!


Had a very transcendent, sleepy afternoon listening to this. Good stuff!


New one on Disintegration State by Mute Branches is wonderful. OPN/Fennesz vibes. The Sunken Restaurant is probably my highlight - just stunning.


Really like this, Zoner II is a great song. I’ve managed to blag a gig writing an ambient music column for a website here in Holland, will definitely write about this for the January one.




I found a copy of Sirenes lurking in my records a while ago and had no idea what it was. Assumed it would just be some indie rubbish from the era I’d given one listen to and written off as a bad buy, so was pleasantly surprised.


Hotel Neon have their entire discography for $9 at the moment. Also mentioned they’ll be coming to the UK :heart_eyes:


Well that’s just silly money, based on your repeated recommendations I’ve just bought the lot!


Ps thanks for the tip!


Ooooh, this has to be done. Will make me feel less guilty about switching to incognito everytime it asks me to pay.


Yeah this is just obscene value. Been listening through it all back to front today and I feel like I’ve robbed them at that price.


6 songs, two hours of serious lushness from Bengalfuel, just released. :clap:


Yeah, I’m on this. I wish I could gift someone my spare download of Means Of Knowing (I bought it on CD last year) but I guess for ~$10 anyone I know who might be interested could just buy the lot for themselves, too.


This is good from December - reminds me a bit of HIU/RA/Mirages era Tim Hecker


Really lovely track on this cassette from yer man Brian Hamilton, who’s the keyboard player in Cymbals Eat Guitars and also owns Smallsound/Bigsound who design make very good boutique guitar pedals. I imagine a bunch of which were put to use here.


Yes, pretty good this. Has echoes of Yellow Swans’ Going Places and the clankier end of Seefeel.


For some reason I’ve never listened to Yellow Swans - where should I start?