Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


Happy Friday folks! Came in to tout this new record from Polynation which came out today. Has a couple ambient tracks but is more on the danceable electronic side of things. But its real good. ‘Cascade’ absolute belter.

Look at that cover art too.


Tomoyoshi Date + Stijn Hüwels - really pleasant minimal drone. absolutely gorgeous


Every album he releases now I come into it thinking it’s going to be another Imaginary Country, which is a cruelly high standard to set, and then am disappointed when it inevitably isn’t…

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Yeah, he’s not produced (IN MY OPINION) a great album this decade. Very successful and popular as ambient artists go so fair play to him anyway.


Wasn’t sure exactly where to put this but hopefully fits well in this thread - lovely varied mix from Croatian Amor on RA this morning:

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This right up there as one of my albums of the year so far. For people who are really into sad sounding cellos, so probably good for any Liverpool fans who read this thread.


love this - thank you!

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Thanks I really enjoyed this

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Yep, this is rapidly going to the top of my list, over Fennesz and the rest. Nice one.

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Saw Kali Malone’s Masters concert just now. Amazing. The best stuff was some of the organ compositions before by a bunch of other young composers in Stockholm omg.

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Worth mentioning here as well, Thomas William Hill’s new one just might be modern comp. album of the year so far for me. Brilliant use of the classical (harps, trumpets, cello, violin) with the modern (drum machines in parts, synths). Lots going on but production is flawless. Intricately vibrant and gorgeous.


hi ambient thread
there’s a belgian band called bolt ruin who released an album that i like

anyone know them?


I have not, but I normally check out all suggestions in this thread. Going to add it to the list.