Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition

Yeah sad, firing off really hateful messages on bandcamp almost daily. Might unfollow.

Not on his BC mailing list so missed those

His reaction has been to beg everyone to buy his last album on bandcamp as his label (as well as everyone else apparently) is trying to ‘destroy’ him. The dude does not seem well.

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On a brighter note Jefre Cantu-Ledesma’s new 'un is really stunning. I’m never sure whether I’m gonna like his stuff as he switches styles pretty frequently but he’s gone for some mesmerising longform ambient drone this time out, which is very much up my alley.


Oooo very nice

The KBD thing is indeed crazy, Sarah Davachi has been tweeting loads about it, seems to have been one of those things were people in the industry have known for ages. Twitter in general turns anything into a post last orders shouting match, and he’s like the bloke in the pub slumped at the bar calling everyone else a cunt.

New collaboration between Porya Hatami, Arovane and Darren McClure out today. :+1:

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Not really 2019-specific, but I’ve just remembered that Anjou exist again. It’s weird, a murky Labradford offshoot with two solid albums should resound in my memory – but the two albums spring up in my mind as a pleasant surprise every often in my iTunes / phone / CD library.

(also cause I’m reading this review, which is v up my street too

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Haven’t been following the KBD shitstorm, other than what I’ve read on this thread. But noticed that from here to eternity isn’t available on Spotify anymore when I’ve gone to play it this w/e; guess that’s the labels doing?

From what I’ve seen I think they’ve taken it down and are apparently giving him the final copies of the vinyl etc to sell himself as they want to be rid of it and cut ties with him completely.

I really like the Anjou albums. I stumbled on them ages after they’d been released but being a Labradford fan it was a great discovery.

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New Warmth!

Out Friday!


New Warmth is great news. The past few months have had tons of good releases. My highlights probably are RAF, Dean Hurley, and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. What I’ve heard of JCL hasn’t really clicked but this is an easy 5/5 for me.

Speaking of RAF, I’m extremely glad to be moving to London in time for the gig at Cafe Oto in September. Should be great!

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Oh, and also the Midsommar soundtrack has been on daily since I saw it. The ending track is really something:

Would love a new Haxan Cloak LP too.

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This is up on Spotify now gang, and it’s sounding :raised_hands::nerd_face:



Which chord are they using this time? :wink:


Pfft, check out Johnny Prog here with his multiple chords


The chord of love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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