Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


Going Places is their ‘swansong’ (oh ho, ho ho, ha). I can almost guarantee you’ll like it - definitely one of my very favourites from the heavier/noisier end of drone.


Absolutely this. Though tbh I haven’t really listened to much beyond Going Places, which considering how much I dig that is really quite silly.


It’s my favourite of the three I’ve listened to (At All Ends being next and Psychic Secession third). If you only listen to one, then Going Places should be it IMO.


This is dark eh?


oooooo I need definitely need to hear this then…


New 36 album in a couple of weeks :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh very nice! ‘Circuit Bloom’ was in my top 5 of last year.


And a very fine top 5 it was! I’m listening to “Lithea” off the back of this news for the first time in ages. A fave.


Digging through a lot of the Headphone Commute records on their best of 2018 list. This record really stood out. Shoegaze/slow post rock/ambient with a dark Americana vibe to it. Absolutely loving their sound.


Intrigued by that description…


Think you would enjoy Dean McPhee as well based on this.


Really like these guys.

(I did intend to write more than this before posting but that about covers it tbh).


Giving this a listen now, sounds good, but the title is SO that thread where we made up post-rock band names.


Hah! Man that was a good thread…


Yeah, I can’t find it for love nor money though.




Great job, though I’m afraid the love is tied up and I don’t have any money! Will eternal gratitude do?


I guess it’ll do. I would have accepted an IOU on the love too.


Undergraduate Post-Music Pretension Squad

It’s funny, this is almost exactly what These New Puritans’ debut sounds like (though I quite liked Field of Reeds).


I’m going through the HC lists and came across this yesterday. Very good album.