Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


This sounds like such a back-handed compliment and I always worry about waving it around to ambientish albums in case it comes across as ‘ignorable’ but I have just added the ‘Make We Here’ album to my For marking to playlist which means it is a great find!


I’m having a very Petrels day, currently working my way through his albums on vinyl and wondering why it’s
been such an inexcusably long time since I last reminded myself of just what a genius Oil Barrett really is.

Haeligiwielle is a stunning debut…



I’m giving Haeligiwielle another listen after reading this. Forgot how good it was. Canute is magnificent.


It’s a wonderful record. Probably my favourite Petrels.


Oh. My. Gods. It is.

I’ve seen Ollie perform it live a few times and it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Just that huge wash into the closing chords with a massive drone behind it. UGH!!!

I’m currently listening to Characterisation Level from Onkalo, which is many shades of droney loveliness…!



That sounds incredible. I imagine he’d be amazing to catch live.

One day.

I think I might continue through his back catalogue when I’m back in work tomorrow. I can’t remember which ones I’ve heard and which ones passed me by.


I think I agree, AT. There are incredible tracks liberally distributed over his other records, but I think he hit (silty, sandy, clay!) gold with his first LP.

He did a live show a few years ago with a choir, and I was going to join and go and perform…but it just never quite worked out with kids, work, distance etc…




He tends to get a bit more ‘conventional’ with each record.

Onkalo is fantastic. Mima has a very fond place in my heart as it’s my daughter’s name! Flailing Tomb has more ‘normal’ song structures, but is VERY good. Jord I have never listened to as much, and will remedy that this week!



Been enjoying Electro Review as a newish review site for ambient and IDM. Has an evocative writing style (which has been particularly lovely in the context of a couple of DS reviews!) and taps into pretty underground artists.


I may be a smidge biased but this is the greatest site on the whole Internet. They have impeccable taste.


Yes, yes this McPhee record is very good indeed.


Has kind of a Chris Isaak ‘Wicked Game’ feel to it. I can dig it.


Yeah it’s great. He’s the other act supporting worriedaboutsatan with me in March. Very much looking forward to his set.


Interested to hear what worriedaboutsatan is all about…


oooo Nicholas Jaar just released ‘Nymphs’ on vinyl??? Yes please!


They’re really fucking good. I mean, really. Not really sure why they aren’t way more famous than they are.

Two brilliant things from last year:

Superb minimal techno

Lovely droney synth ambience

Plus the two of them release some fantastic music under their own names.


Oh christ. Know all about Thomas Ragsdale ‘Honley Archives’ was brilliant last year. I will be looking into this no doubt.


Just threw on ‘Blank Tape’ from 2016. Two words come to mind: oh yeah!

‘Tower and the Steward’ what a banger!


^this. SO good. Gutted to be missing their UK tour.