Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


I fucking love this.


Good stuff, though it’s his collaborations I’ve preferred in recent years.


Yeah I reckon that Gavin Miller/Aaron Martin release would be up your street.


Yeah ill be listening to their whole bsck catalogue this weekend.


Oh hello yes please thank you…


Looks like they just put up a massive review of some of your new work (?) today!


Yes indeed just saw that and it’s made my day - they’ve really connected with the themes which is properly heart-warming :slight_smile:

And yeah, out on Friday!


New remixed versions of Warmth’s ‘Parallel’ (voted album of the year by DiSer’s in 2018), released today. Purl, Powlos, SVLBRD, green kingdom on tracks amongst others. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Three releases from Shimmering Moods today. I’m starting off with the Purl/Yamaoka collab which is sounding :heart_eyes:


Whole lot of running water in the other two releases, huh? They’re lovely and all but they’re mainly making me need to pee.


I’m not going to stream this…

…because Boomkat have confirmed that my lovely green vinyl has been dispatched!!!




this might fit in here - lots of droney looping guitars and violin. tis out today, hope you all enjoy:


and that album cover :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


aw thanks! I found it on an old hard drive as I was a bit short on album cover pictures. It’s Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds (i think) put through an old phone app called Hipstamatic, which is what all the cool kids were using before instagram took over :wink:


Was listening to this whilst wandering around on my lunch hour earlier. It’s absolutely gorgeous!


thanks! :slight_smile:


The Luna Mink record is really good! I had completely forgotten that Shimmering Moods was based in Amsterdam (where I live!)

Liking the Warmth remixes as well, the remix of Concave is a stunner.


Think Shimmering Moods is competing with Silent Season these days as my favourite label.


Oooohh, I think this might have snuck in at the death to be album of the month. Lovely stuff!


I’ll second that. Some beautiful lush ambiance right there.

ATT great release as well. Thought the production value on this was top notch. LOVED that darker droney stylings of “Creation of Ends”. Slotted in to my playlist of top tracks from 2019 so far…