Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


thanks very much! :slight_smile:


Been busy practising for the Dis State live night and supporting Worriedaboutsatan in a few weeks time and recorded a little live version of a run through one of the tracks I’m planning on performing last night. Synth drones with twinkly guitars.


My Daily Mix Number 4…

Dis State hanging out in good company.


Really ticking my boxes this, beautiful stuff. Recalls Marielle V Jakobsons for me in terms of ‘feeling’. Lovely.


New one from yer man 36 on ASIP. Tends to produce the goods.


I know what I’ll be listening to this afternoon then




Liking this too, starts like Julie Byrne in a very relaxed mode, moves through some Shells style guitarwork and then dissolves into droning ambient guitar towards the end - quite different:


Now that sounds like an enticing mixture…


Yeah, only caveat being that I’m not sure how many different ways you can combine the words ‘ambient’, ‘drone’ and ‘guitar’ to effectively describe the differences between records that have all three!




It’s from last year, but I’ve been listening to Osmosis by Hydrangea a lot over the past few days. Really gorgeous submerged techno stuff in the vein of Voices From the Lake etc.


My first column went up today!

Stuff in there for @AphexTwinkletoes & @worrier1

(Jag and all that)



Great writing, this :slight_smile: Got that Bengalfuel on now


Congrats. New website looks very good, bookmarking it now. Yes that bengalfuel is top notch lushness.


this is awesome, thanks so much!


Really enjoyed this release from Frame. As evident by the planetary song titles, an album of subtle dark ambiance with a astro/spatial feel. Perfect listening for these cold windy days/nights…


The remixes make it on the whole a touch more electronica than ambient, the original was lovely but this takes it up a notch for me.


lots of great nostalgic light fuzzy texture


enjoying this too