Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


Made a start on the 2019 Music for Office Workers playlist so gonna be pulling in bits of bliss from this thread






Just been on their Spotify and utterly baffled. Are they trying to make Ryan Adams look like he’s not evening trying or just getting their money’s worth on an unlimited upload deal?


Oh yeah. Crazy amount of releases, but all really solid. Just saw they released an 8 song, 8 hour LP lol. I’ll probably give it a whirl this weekend. They definitely are giving Chihei Hatakeyama a run for his money are far as creative output.


For the FYI of people here, I’ve got a new ambient/drone record out on Dis State next Friday (8th Feb).

It’s a climate-change themed record that runs the gamut from quiet droning guitar loops through to Hecker-esque layers of noise and gentle piano.


Great news, really enjoyed your last release. Slotting it right into the records to check out on Feb. 8th!


Thanks bud!


Pre-ordered this yesterday in the deluxe CD version. Looking forward to it arriving.


Just finished all 8 hours of Bengalfuel’s new LP, holy smokes batman! Passed out in the middle of it for like 30 minutes, woke up and pretty sure the same note was playing.

Good for sitting around and doing nothing or reading a book with this on in the background, other than that not sure why every song is an hour long. Although I didn’t really mind.


Thanks so much! :heart_eyes:


Bloody hell… I wonder what the compositional process looks like for work like that.


This is nice.

  1. Make noise.
  2. Turn reverb and delay up to self-oscillation.
  3. Watch an episode of something on netflix.
  4. Profit.


oooo nice, didn’t know this was out yet. A closer listen loved it, going right to this now…


New Black Swan now out (enjoyed most of his previous releases) - synth heavy drone.


I do enjoy your protest music - I expect I’ll be going back to Post Truth Politics for a long time (particularly given the way Brexit is going)…


Thanks pal!

When I try to look at it objectively I wonder if creating instrumental/ambient music in response to social/political issues is a bit weird. I mean, how can it be social commentary if it contains no ‘comment’?

But then it seems to help me express a lot of the anxieties and emotions I have about things like Brexit, climate change etc. far more naturally than I’m able to in words.

In summary :man_shrugging:t2:


Whether instrumental/ambient music can truly ‘say’ anything is an interesting question. I remember wrestling with it when trying to review Lawrence English’s Cruel Optimism a couple of years ago.

Am I going to use this as an excuse to link to my stuff? You bet I am!

Tl;dr: at a time when language seems to be failing under the weight of dishonesty using music to try and connect on a purely gut level seems like a sensible course of action. After all, ‘this is how I feel - am I alone?’ is one of the most basic and important questions music can ask with or without lyrics imo.


This is a great piece of writing mate. The sentiment re: the record being how you feel when you read the news is pretty much exactly what I’m trying to do with things like Post-Truth Politics and the new one.