Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


Cheers man :blush: Yeah that’s what made me think of that old review. And whilst I ovs can’t 100% know how much of what you feel is communicated in the music I can say it chimes with my own anxieties and stubborn hopes in these times.


That’s the thing, I “felt” Post Truth Politics as loneliness, isolation and a pervading sadness, if that’s not way off the pretension scale. I don’t think there’s anything unusual about instrumental music providing commentary without words (look how much Holst gets across in The Planets) - admittedly the subject matter for this thread is often working with a limited palette, so perhaps it is more difficult, but there we go.


Really getting into this, quite different from the norm and several really quite beautiful passages. Worth repeat listens.


Just want to second this, Post-Truth Politics feels like a great protest record to me, which sounds ridiculous but I think it’s true. Part of it is the in the titles, like the ridiculousness of having “Three Hundred and Fifty Million Pounds” written out in full. But the whole feel of the record encapsulates, as you say, the pervading sadness and desperation of the Brexit experience. Ebbw Vale is crushing depression in ambient drone form. I wish I could write music like this. (Sorry to get all wanky).


That first track has instantly hooked me.


Well, if we can’t get wanky in the ambient/modern composition/drone thread then what is it for?


I completely forgot about this. I’ve got a quiet evening of reading ahead of me so this is a perfectly timed reminder!


Stressful day at work and hungover from the super bowl, this record was exactly what I needed. Lovely synth drone going on here…


I particularly like the way it dissolves into vocal samples and crackle towards the end.


The vast majority of the Asura Revolver label’s stuff is PWYW for 24 hours. Loads of really good stuff in there - it’s a good time to go digging for gold. A fair chunk of their releases would be more at home in the Rolling Dance Whatever thread than in this one but on the ambient/drone side of things I’m particularly taken with Virtual Polygon - Exit, Valyri - Expanses and Jamie Awakshidar - There is More Beauty in Corruption and There Is More Corruption In Beauty.


this was lusssshhhhh :+1:


acloserlisten does it again. Stumbled across this video game soundtrack (hope that’s allowed) on their page. Phenomenal ambient and atmospheric drone, with some nice electro/acoustics to start. Also, some tinges of 80’s synth with a Kyle Dixon ‘Stranger Things’ vibe at times. Finishes off with some lovely drawn out darker drone. Highly recommended.


Jim Guthrie did the soundtrack for Sword & Sworcery LP, which was magic. Very much interested in anything new from him.


Had never heard of the artist prior to this listen. Will be rectifying that after hearing ‘Below’. Seems to be pretty prolific since that ‘Sword and Sorcery’ LP you mentioned. Reckon I’ll start there and work my way up to present :+1:


Did a mix for Headphone Commute which ties in quite a lot of stuff on this thread!


solid day tomorrow for releases in our little community :+1:

Lowering’s newest
Gideon Wolf ‘Replicas’
Sjors Mans ‘Noord’
Anthene ‘Weightless’ (first since 2015’s brilliant ‘Repose’, mmm)
Hauschka ‘A Different Forest’
Adele Fournet ‘Foremothers’

Anything else anyone keeping their eye on?


ahh nevermind looks like he released some other records since, funny how I skipped over those. Need to scope them out.


Re: Hauschka

Really like ‘What If’ from a couple of years ago but the other stuff I’ve heard I’ve found a little anondyne - fine but just didn’t draw me in. He has a massive back catalogue though so I’m aware I’ve only scratched the surface.


He’s spent the better part of two years doing film/tv scores after ‘What If’. Really enjoy his work from 2004-2011 especially. Supposedly from early reviews I’ve been reading, this new album is just him solo stripped back on piano, no filler.


This is out now!