Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2019 Edition


If James Place counts then James Place. Plus bonus points for being Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri.


This was downright gorgeous, albeit a short EP. Ultra slow minimal piano with some beautiful horn play on certain tracks. Perfect rainy day record right here, leaves you wanting more.


Billow Conservatory have a new LP out. Soft elegant radio transmission frequencies…


ooh, I loved ‘In 8 Movements’ but haven’t heard anything else - time to catch up I reckon…


New six-track, four hour long album from Tuluum Shimmering; pastoral drones and world music-esque riffs looped and iterated on verrry slowwwwly. I adore everything they’ve done, but this is particularly gorgeous, the 63-minute third track being the epic highlight.


This sounds right up my alley…


This is legit absolutely brilliant.


Fantastic label alert. has put out two glorious albums so far this year. Label is based out your folks way in England.

Glasbird I guess is the alias of a player in the ambient/modern composition realm who has yet to disclose his true identity, according to the website. Regardless, beautiful violin and cello accompany a soundtrack to a recent trip to Greenland.

Sleeplaboratory1.0 is a compilation from Various Artists with slow ambiance around (you guessed it!) the idea of relaxation music for sleep purposes.

Both brilliant and a label I will definitely be keeping my eye on.


it fuckin IS!


“What are the odds” is lush (as is the record as a whole), couldn’t wait for my cd to arrive so soothing my way through the BC download…


Now I’ve spent a bit of time with it, I wanted to come on and give a big up to the new Black To Comm record. It’s just my kind of weird and wonderful and delivers more and more with every listen. Highly recommended to anyone who likes kind of ‘difficult’ stuff! Nicely dark and malevolent in places!

I’m also very much enjoying the new Liz Harris Nivhek record. I’m not sure I enjoyed Grid of Points as much as I feel I should have done, having loved Ruins. I think that maybe this head of her many-headed creative beast is the one I like the most. She really is a remarkable artist. Still haven’t managed to see her play live yet. Seems only to get to London when she’s in the UK…



Thanks! :grin:


Happy to second both of these, especially the Black to Comm release. I wasn’t blown away by it on my first few listens, but now I just can’t stop playing it, just keeps growing on me with each listen.

Also a happy reminder to revisit Alphabet 1968, which was a pretty glorious listening club choice last year x


This one should definitely fall in here. Combines elements of electronic with some hip hop type beats with an overall ambient feel. Highly recommend.


Complete opposite reaction to Grid of Points/Nivhek for me! Grid of Points was one of my AotYs for 2018, but I can’t seem to connect with this one. Might just need to listen in a different setting.

Secondary question - I’m getting back into reading a bunch of Philip K Dick; anyone got any good sci-fi leaning ambient recommendations for listening to while reading? Tortoise (not ambient, I know) worked kind of well this morning, but was a bit too distracting.


Currently listening to this right now. Has a slow ambient atmospheric vibe going on. Imagine would be great background music while reading.


Interestingly, I’ve listened quite a bit more since posting that and have half changed my mind a bit - in that the first half of the Nivhek record is just fantastic, the second half a wee bit…dull?




Maybe stuff like 2814

And Death’s Dynamic Shroud.wmv

Perhaps a bit too vaporwave though?

36 seems fairly sci-fi influenced at points

More krautrock than ambient but Craven Faults new one is great, hypnotic modular synth workout


thank you, bud - I will listen!


Loving The Infinity Room.