Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2020 Edition

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And so it begins.


I’m already looking forward to the treasures that this thread will reveal over the next twelve months, and too see what came out top of our 2019 poll.

Thanks as always to the lovely bunch that post here, and roll on the Leandro Fresco + Rafael Anton Irisarri release this month x


Welcome back to the best thread on the boards folks. The people of DiS have spoken and here are the results for our ambient/modern composition and drone albums of 2019!

  1. Corey Fuller- Break
  2. Rafael Anton Irisarri- Sostalgia
  3. Loscil- Equivalents
  4. Jefre Cantu Ledesma- Tracing Back the Radiance
  5. Bobby Krlic- Midsommar OST
  6. A Winged Victory for the Sullen- The Undivided Five
  7. Nivhek- After Its Own Death…
  8. Ohio- Upward, Broken, Always
  9. Warmth- Wildlife
  10. Kali Malone- Sacrificial Code

There you have it. Corey Fuller’s ‘Break’ takes the top spot. What a strong year for releases in our little niche genre from 2019. Looking forward to the great many recommendations and discussions in 2020! Happy listening all.


My New Years Resolution is to pay way more attention to this thread. So much gold I didn’t mine last year.


Thanks so much for doing this, and unsurprisingly I’m a big fan of this ten!

Need to give that Loscil record another go, and I’m surprised Fennesz didn’t make the cut x

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I haven’t heard 3 of these - including the number 1! - so I’m looking forward to catching up on what I’ve missed. Great stuff NY! :+1:

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Well let’s get cracking with the reco’s for 2020 shall we? The ever prolific (4 albums in 2019) Desolate Horizons has a new one out to start the year.


Whilst we begin another year of reciprocal recs, I just wanted to come on here and say how fucking marvellous A Closer Listen is.

There are quite a few good websites out there for us to find the sort of music we love, but no single resource contributes more to my musical discovery and enjoyment. Their previews and end of year lists are wonderful. And now also to have end of decade lists is fantastic!

Just one new find in the last few days is a day in bel bruit, but Lilien Rosarian, which I highly recommend for fans of weirdy, concepty stuff that merges ambient with found sound, field recording, droney elements and some more conventional instrumentation. It’s a beautiful, quite short little narrative and I’m a little bit in love.

Here’s to another cracking thread year.



One of my absolute go to’s. Genius’s over at that site.

EDIT: ooo and their winter preview for ambient and drone is already out. Gets out pad and paper

Exactly!!! The site is a bloody marvel!!


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I’m not ashamed to admit that sites like this are why I’m considering packing the MG in. Just not as prolific or as good tbh.

I have to disagree i love hearing the Monday Graveyard, we all get source material in some form or another with our recs. However, the way you tabulate it into a continuous track listing with great insight and passion makes me listen everytime.


Aw, man! I feel like an arse now!
I have to admit to not being someone who listens to a lot of stuff in mixes or streaming, so I’m not gonna blag that I know much about MG, but (a) I bet it’s excellent, (b) it’s an important addition to our little community and (c) post a link and you’ll get another listener in me.



Pretty much all of my listening last year was informed by the MG. The rest of it was from Dis State releases


I released a little 2 track EP yesterday and while the ‘A’ side ‘A New decade’ is a sort of Nu Disco number the 'B* side ‘Realisation Dawns’ is very much an Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone piece

it does the same thing for 12 minutes except it doesn’t repeat at all


Can I just add my voice to the choir of support for MG. It’s a wonderful podcast and you shouldn’t let the fact that other people have made lists of similar stuff elsewhere online stop you doing it. There’s an obvious passion and love that shines through it what you do.

Having said that, if your heart is no longer in it, then obviously I don’t want you to feel nagged / pressured. If the love is still there though, then keep going.


I often lose track with the big rolling threads, MG is something I can listen to at work without risking getting the sack for scrolling through ambient threads and inevitably picking fights about which disintegration loop is the best. (Also it’s great)


All right all right fine. Haha i genuinely didn’t mean this to derail.

Much to you all. Christ, you’re all great and this is brilliant.


Sorry in advance to hijack the thread a bit.

Been having some trouble getting our 1 year old to sleep recently and have started using music as part of his bedtime routine, which has helped a lot. We’ve been using a random Sleep playlist on Spotify, but I reckon between us we can do better with all the good stuff that comes out of these threads!

I’ve made a collaborative playlist on Spotify, already put a bunch of stuff in there but if anyone fancies contributing and adding any good, gentle music for a lil’un to nod off to that would be much appreciated :pray:


8 hours of pure bliss. Have nodded off to this many a time.