Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2020 Edition

Shimmering Moods are back after a hiatus :heart:

Another in my ‘how on Earth am I going to pick, say, 10 albums of the year?’ conundrum…


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Still available if anyone is looking.

Only on black, I think.

I had a look last night and the blue was sold out one Norman. Just looking now that still seems to be the case. As I said before, very glad I didn’t wait until Bandcamp Friday for this one…!


oh yeah I read that the ‘limited edition’ was available but this is the black vinyl not blue.

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ohhhhhh, an Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz FRKWYS is out in November, did anyone see this at Guess Who a few years ago?

Some beautiful atmospheric ambient in this compilation here, perfect lull into the weekend. Some big collabs from the likes of Worriedaboutsatan, Benoit Pioulard, Hotel Neon, Warmth, Zake. Guess Zake provided some loops and said artists set their pieces to it. Luuussshhh.


The Geneva LP above is available at Juno now for any folks in here who might be interested - just the remixes, not the Zake solo pieces. It is indeed a lovely record.

Have also been really enjoying this Anthene/Andrew Tasselmyer (hello!) collab which seems to have not been flagged itt and is about as lovely as you’d expect…

speaking of film scores, Kali Malone has done her first for this:

don’t know if it will get a release yet but there’s some samples here


Though this film may be of interest - via Sarah Davchi who I think features or at least some of her music anyway

I mean, I think she’s a goddess already, but, stellar:


(and released today as one of three new pieces on Longform Editions)

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Have this on my wishlist for the next Bandcamp day.

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New Ekin Fil mini LP, a collaboration with Aidan Baker (new name to me), is absolutely stunning.

Also heads up anyone who likes Kali Malone that boomkat have copies of the studies for organ tape - I think it’s basically demos she worked into The Sacrificial Code but I’m not certain.


Aidan Baker is ace - post-post metal drone stuff (I made that up, really), does lots of stuff on Gizeh Records (great label) and is part of Nadja too.

Will have to check that out…


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I’m just going to quietly leave this link for my new release here. Probably my most straight forward ambient/drone stuff yet - I haven’t even tried to Trojan horse a massive kick drum in this time.

Tapes available for anyone who likes that sort of thing.


Really enjoying the new Oliver Coates LP, and like the Boomkat review calling it an “album of bleeding-heart catharsis”. His gig with RAI in February feels like a distant dream now x

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ffo Mary Lattiomore.

This is a re-issue from 1969. One of his tracks is on the ‘I am the Center…’ compilation and also apparently a track was used in Blade Runner.

Anyway I was listening yesterday and it’s ace.


Been really getting into these recently. The last album has a massive constellation records vibe;


Yes! Discovered Oiseax-Tempête earlier this year, and they’ve pretty quickly become one of my favourite bands. Their last few records are kind of the direction I wish Godspeed had decided to explore a bit after coming back from their hiatus.

These two live videos/tracks are absolutely brilliant.

Think the whole gig was released as their TARAB album. Seems they do a lot of live recording for their albums rather than just studio stuff.


Definitely agree with that. Guess this is in tune with more latter day GYBE stuff itself though;

Love this too which has a big Set Fire To Flames vibe;