Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2020 Edition

Thought this might be of interest to some

SDs also made her early work available on Bandcamp and pretty much all her albums can be played in full from BC.


New Warmth single with album ‘The Darkest Place’ following some time soon…


New Emily A Sprague is glorious bubbling gentle synthy goodness


Really enjoyed listening to the Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz FRKWYS release whilst taking a walk along the seafront.

Strong winds, wild seas and dense grey clouds accompanied by beautiful layered piano, voice, tape loops and distortion :ok_hand:

Roll on the physical release in 2021.

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New Ana Roxanne album is making a late play for album of the year. Lovely, dreamy vocals and reverb heavy pianos. Nice late 80’s/early 90’s house vibes on the sleeve as well.

She also got reviewed in The Guardian which seems incredible to me but fair play to her and the paper for covering something that isn’t indie or pop.




no doubt they’ll be some tunes worth discovering on this new Eno collection

Prophecy Theme sounds like Eno doing early Tangerine Dream. Nice track. Followed by Reasonable Question which is total 360 shift in style and pace. Half way through and only the Francis Bacon documentary track isn’t really my cup of tea. I watched that documentary and never knew Eno composed something for it.

I know he’s a bit hit and miss nowadays but Eno’s back catalogue is just an endless series of rabbit holes and mazes to navigate. I’m forever discovering something new he has done.

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lovely long-form drone cycles - ‘randomly generated’ apparently but I was too absorbed to notice any randomness.

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I love this!

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Missed this article 1st time around.

First 4 are decent picks as a general intro to ambient and then they completely fuck it with the last 2.


“Guys, I need two more ambient records for my article, anyone got any ideas?”

“Got Eno in there?”


“Select Ambient Works?”


“Fuck knows mate… Four Tet?”

“Yeah fuck it, nobody’s gonna read this anyway.”


hi there i have a new episode out to listen to if you so please (click here, embed isn’t working)

the reason i post it is not because of the JAG but of course because of the JAG, but it features albums i really like that i think you might like and ill share here too

I play “chysis” but this album’s amazing from Greenhouse aka Olive Ardizoni

i really like this from Between Sleeps

and this IDM ambient from Etapp Kyle is like made for me specifically

listen to the show too, why not


Is Sketches of Spain really considered ambient?

I can’t say I’ve listened to it a lot but it’s one of the MD albums I get on better with so have a few times. To my ears it is quite filmic and essentially easy listening, but I’d never have thought of the atmosphere it creates as being ambient.

I think it was a very influential album for a number of people who later went on to establish ambient as a genre, so I can see why it’s in there. But wouldn’t consider it ambient myself.

I reckon they should have gone with some Delia Derbyshire or something for proto-ambient instead.


Surely if he was to pick an ambient Miles Davis album “In a Silent Way” is the one to pick


Thanks. That’s interesting, i can see how musicians, as opposed to someone like me who is basically an ignorant listener, might take very different things from an artist like MD.

You really would think the BBC of all institutions would acknowledge Derbyshire or Oram wouldn’t you.

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absolutely this. Sketches is ‘just’ a jazz record albeit a very very good one. Silent Way definitely falls more into ambient, its a delightfully relaxing experience listening to it

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Is that John Hopkins album any good? Always found his stuff too cheesy and far from ambient for me

Dunno really. It’s very well produced and I think if that list was your intro to ambient then it would sound incredible. As someone who has been immersed in the genre for ages, it feels like a dot-to-dot template for emotive ambient with no innovation whatsoever. I don’t dislike it but I wouldn’t choose to listen to it.