Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2021 Edition

Yup, bagged a double CD copy. Beautiful; I am a real sucker for this emotive ambient stuff at the moment.

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It’s just so dreamy, isn’t it. The 36 “After Dark” versions are what I’m gravitating towards most atm - scratching that 2814 itch. Rain-drenched-neon, Blade Runner, dissociation. Lovely to have that on your CD copy.

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I now run all of his digital side of things. He’s about to open a recording studio with his film maker partner so lots of exciting projects on the horizon.

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This is the perfect album for a rainy morning when you have 1000 word deadline at 12 tomorrow you haven’t started yet.


This is really lovely. I wish I had an isolated, snow-covered cabin deep in the woods to enjoy listening to it in…

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I think this can go in here…certainly seemed to fit when i was dozing to it on the sofa last night.

The New Utopia Strong LP (featuring 6 time snooker world champion steve davis if that helps :slight_smile: )

Think this is my favourite release of the year so far - lots of very caustic cello made for boomkats documenting sound series.

This is lovely lo-fi ambience on Mailbox.


New Dag Rosenqvist (not sure he ever sleeps) out his week - sounding big and beautiful - even getting a rare for him, vinyl release. Still very much his bag but a touch more Cortini sounding perhaps.



Really enjoying this, the full album is on Spotify, vinyl seems very very reasonable… i think it will be bought.


I just came here to post this, too! Really beautiful stuff. Dag has a very recognizable voice across all of his output.


Really enjoying this, which I somehow missed last month.

Ambient synths and field recordings mixed with a small chamber orchestra playing Reich-like minimalism. Really nice sense of movement and propulsion.

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I suspect we’ve all had the email from Leyland Kirby this morning but for those that have not, he’s made absolutely hours of previously unavailable material available for free from a few of his various monikers on Bandcamp:


Also really enjoying the Dag Rosenqvist album. Really like the way he manages to evolve from record to record while still maintaining a fairly distinctive sound. This one feels a little like a “best of” the different styles he’s explored over his last few releases (and I mean that in a good way!)

New Winged Victory today lads and lasses. (Out of curiosity are there many women that post on here regularly? Hard to tell from the names!)

On first listen it’s sounds good. Very spacious and low key compared to the intense orchestration of The Undivided Five. Also interesting how most of the tracks are less than 3 minutes.

Out earlier this week and utterly sublime. This fits perfectly into the types of sound and arrangements that I love in the ambient-droney world.

But, AGAIN, no bloody download code with the vinyl - and that was the Bleep exclusive red vinyl (cracking pressing, btw…). ARGH!

Have contacted the label via Bandcamp, so fingers crossed!


Picked up the 2 death of rave ones as those were the ones I didn’t already have. Didn’t realise that was 200+ tracks! :joy:

It’s mad, the V/vm albums clock in at 19 hours, 24 minutes together. Honestly have no idea how I’ll tackle it, I get overwhelmed by the sheer scope of Kirby’s work at the best of times.


I’ll have to set a day aside (literally) for them