Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2021 Edition

Got Substrata on for the first time in ages.

Not even going to bother describing how I’m feeling listening to it. Y’all know.



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Listening to this after your post in the new releases thread - nice Heckerish noise going on here once you get through the iffy almost black metal opening. Good spot!

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Anyone developing any love for Clark’s new Playground In A Lake?

I’m finding new, excellent moments with each listen. It’s not all absolutely ‘top end’, but as a whole I really like it. Lovely 45rpm 180g vinyl pressing too.


As you allude, and I think the same was true of Kiri Variations, the quality is not consistent across the whole record. I think both records have some really nice pieces but I’m not reaching for either very often as they don’t make for completely satisfying listens.

They remind of me of some of my favourite Actress work in that the records seem to comprise of snatched fragments but I think it works less well in this style. But when he gets it right it good it
can be very good. Lambent Rag is a joy, also Bench from Kiri.

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All the Seefeel.

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I’ll be picking the Rupt & Flex CD set up even though I own Succour and Starethrough. Do wish I could also get a copy of Qique Redux for a decent price too, but that’s on Too Pure rather than Warp.

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Quique Redux’s second disc is almost as good as the first. Looking forward to the Succour bits, stands up really well that album.

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mailbox discography is on sale for 3 pound atm… worth it for

by itself…


In case any of you have missed the news a 99 year old man died peacefully in his sleep the night before last so Radio 6 have cleared the schedule to play music friendly to this thread.

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