Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2021 Edition

does Tycho-ish chillwave with vocals fit in this thread?

anyway, if that sounds like something you like, I got a Rec for you

Edit, for Spotify Link.

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Not ambient per se but probably sits in this thread more than the rolling dance one.

New one coming out soon on Werra Foxma - wanted to turn the spotify fake ambient artists thing on its head and make chillout music for computers and machines. The intersection between Tycho, Autechre, and Skinny Puppy that nobody asked for…


Really enjoying this new comp on Imprec - on the drone side of the equation.

Peter Rehberg has died. Super sad

The rest of this thread is worth a read, too


Well this album is a beaut, isn’t it? Definitely scratching an older school Stars of the Lid itch for me. Gorgeous.


Really enjoying it. The absolute balls required to call your track “Unknown Pleasures” though.