Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2021 Edition

Drone featuring pretty heavily on last night’s Late Junction

This was my Bandcamp grab for yesterday’s Bandcamp Friday too!

I had to tweet Mr English to get him to launch the release as he’d gone to bed (presumably in Brisbane) with only the pre-order two tracks available to download!!


Ha! I noticed that, but Grouper had it up properly so I just grabbed it from there

I’m not always as fond of Lawrence’s stuff as I think I should be, but I love Liz Harris, and their symbiosis on this record is ace.


Don’t recall seeing anyone post this (at least in this year’s thread) but Tom Ravenscroft played a different track from this album (Tiziano Popolli - Burn the Night / Bruciare la Notte: Original Recordings, 1983–1989) the other day and I checked out the album. I know literally nothing about this artist, but I have listened to this song pretty much on repeat since I heard it at lunch time today. It’s really heavily snowing here at the moment, and this is almost perfect music for trying to navigate across the city on foot, only being able to walk, literally, in other people’s footprints.

Really not well-read on this genre so I don’t know what to compare it to - maybe a happy version of New Order’s Eligia crossed with the introduction to The Laziest River by Destroyer, with some Emeralds / Mark Mcguire synth stuff thrown in. It’s 15 minutes long.



Anyone else catch the 36 & Awakened Souls album stream? It was pretty great.

Yeah really good… even bought the ridiculous vinyl on the back of it… beautiful music… might even replace the long distance space travel as my favourite 36 record

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I’m waiting for Juno to get copies for the UK, but will absolutely be buying it. I kind of hope they consider pressing the remix versions as well though - 36’s “After Dark” versions were my favourite part of the whole thing, absolutely sublime.

Released today. Highly recommend.


And now in stock at Juno.

New Max Richter (I guess this is a half-JAG as I work for him now)


I’m liking the Mariel Roberts album, Armament right now:

What do you do with/for MR, @sean ??!
(got to say, if you’re gonna JAG, that’s a pretty bloody cool JAG…!)


This reminds me of some of Ben Lukas Boysen’s work with the bass rumbling in the background.

@moderators Feel free to cut the Facebook link if it autoplays…

Seems fine to me.

Listened to this today, extremely blissful. Zen like, good stuff. Cheers.

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Yup, bagged a double CD copy. Beautiful; I am a real sucker for this emotive ambient stuff at the moment.

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It’s just so dreamy, isn’t it. The 36 “After Dark” versions are what I’m gravitating towards most atm - scratching that 2814 itch. Rain-drenched-neon, Blade Runner, dissociation. Lovely to have that on your CD copy.

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I now run all of his digital side of things. He’s about to open a recording studio with his film maker partner so lots of exciting projects on the horizon.

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