Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2022 Edition

this is beautiful


Some absolutely cracking releases for me today, identified from ACL’s almost incomparable season previews.

Always loved IWC’s sound. This is a little overlong for me, but it’s undoubtedly the first game OST that I’ve really enjoyed!

I always want/feel I should like LE’s stuff slightly more than I do. He’s clearly brilliant, but a lot of it doesn’t quite click with me. This is quite RAI-like ‘wind tunnel’-type ambient-drone and some of it is excellent. Headphones pretty much essential, I would say.

Because I am weak, I pulled the trigger on the coloured vinyl of this, despite telling myself that I really can’t afford it atm! Very pleased I did. All manner of droney, ambient, weirdy stuff based on the East Coast of England - and as I was just about to visit Norfolk on holiday for the first time ever when I became aware of the record, it seemed like fate. Really like this.

Possibly my AOTD for new releases. Lovely drone. The final track needs patience as it’s a long section of bowed string and wind intertwining without getting into a proper drone, then the electronics come in and whammo. Excellent.



Weavings passed me by in February but just got round to it recently and it’s excellent. Nicolas Jaar curated group improvisational ambient pieces featuring Angel Bat Dawid,
Laraaji, Aho Ssan and many more.