Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2023 Edition

My copy of this has finally arrived from Bleep.

Rewarding myself with a couple of gummies, couple of cans, bit of soft lighting and a nice sit down.

Sounding real nice. Fuck yeah


Love it even more thanks to the reissue. Definitely taken it for granted over the years.

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I usually keep up with this thread but failed this year. Does this thread do its own album of the year list?

Yep, we usually do one.

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Just finishing listening to it now. Really sublime. The experience has been especially lovely in that it feels relatively fresh, what with the remaster and it having been a good few years since the last listen, but also wonderfully familiar and nostalgic. A true classic.

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Don’t rush into the album of the year poll guys I hear there’s a new Veins Full of Static album out on Dec 15th :wink:


fuck yeah!

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Yeah last year I ran it basically for the whole of December and put the results on New Year’s Day.

Last year’s list:

These two new Ossa & Ian Epps tracks are totally gorgeous

New Maria W Horn record next year

She really can’t do any wrong, I don’t think. Perfect music.


Damn, this is beautiful. There’s a whole album on the way at some point.

It’s a Hollie Kenniff & Kazuma Okabayashi collaboration.

Catherine Christer Hennix has passed away :pensive:

Not sure if this album has been mentioned?

Will be in my aoty top ten for sure


Think I put it in a new releases thread maybe? Can’t remember, but absolutely love it.

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This that she released last year is perhaps my favourite thing of hers

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That’s very sad. I hadn’t realised that she was ‘as old as’ 75, so that’s ‘better’ than my initial reaction to the news, if you know what I mean, but 75 is still young, IMO. What a clever lady. Still very grateful for this thread introducing me this year to Solo For Tamburium. I shall listen to it this week in her honour.


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Very much enjoying my first listen of this. Predictably.


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Very delayed response from me, but glad you made it and enjoyed it!

I got in a little after you, but also managed to get a beanbag on the floor, one of the last ones I think. Loved the set-up - all gigs should be that relaxing! And the sound was excellent. Imaginary Softwoods were also my highlight - loved the visuals as well as the music.

I’ll also be looking out for more Bleep43 events - especially daytimes ones!

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Does Spring Still Hide its Joy? is one of my most played albums this year so this is excellent news