Rolling Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone Thread 2023 Edition

Update - I am REALLY enjoying this.

All manner of excellent ambient, drone and field recordings. Headphones really bring it to life, as it’s beautifully mixed, IMHO!


Yep, my feeling too, really enjoyed it. The latter tracks go quite Eric Holm (another field recording artist).
Also properly enjoying Icebear @FontaineYouGotaSon (it’s right up my strasse, glitchy, noisy, perfect).


Not been following ambient/ drone stuff as closely as i should in the past few years but this Kali Malone has reeled me right back in. What a gorgeous record! Reminds me a lot of some of the Eliane Radrigue that i love: sustained tones, movement through stasis… lovely stuff! Massive thanks to whoever posted about it in the 22 thread… loved the first track pre released and took a punt on the 3lp. Arrived today and sounds absolutely gorgeous. Nothing fancy about the packaging but the records sound amazing!


I’d forgotten this was coming – still listen to Below Sea Level quite frequently so looking forward to giving this a spin. Get day for releases in the RA/MC/D world!

Really enjoyed this new Arovane LP on first listen…


This is superb, thank you for sharing.

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Honestly, this is absolutely superb. Would have been in my top 3 of last year’s ambient / drone releases if I’d picked it up in time.

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I’m such an idiot - have had lots of new records to listen to lately…

…the original post by @FontaineYouGotaSon has a corrupted BC link…which record was this??




it’s White Dove Dream by Icebear


Yes it is!!

Thanks so much!!


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Lovely new Oliver Coates soundtrack:

Normally a dissonant cello dude (see skins n slime), but this is lovely. Reminds me that I’ve not given Galya Bisengalieva’s OST from last year a go either.


This has been helping me sleep the last week - BC blurb says
“These six tracks are the results from a day improvising with loops and melodic ideas we’d had in our minds for a few weeks prior.

We drank lots of coffee and let the piano, guitar and synths take the lead on this one, allowing us to sink deep into a state of melancholic reflection.


oh man I missed that, going to dive in now.

This is beautiful… but who is doing those vocals?!? I can’t find anything online to tell me. It sounds a bit like Aldous Harding but I don’t think it is, and it’s doing my head in.

Edit: Hilariously I did not realise that I also had an album playing in my media player while listening to this on Bandcamp. There are no vocals on the soundtrack. :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:



Was it Aldous Harding?


No, it was Juni Habel – at least I solved the mystery before it kept me up all night :rofl:

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I absolutely love it when that works! Can you tell us which tracks were overlaid and we can replicate it ourselves? :smile:

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The Juni Habel album started with track five of the Aftersun soundtrack – it has nearly a full minute of instrumental intro, which is why I didn’t pick it up :smile:

I really like Thomas’ Sulk Rooms stuff, will need to give this a whirl.


Well this is another delightful one from Chihei Hatakeyama. Technically 2022 but it was covered so don’t think im being too naughty