Rolling Astronomy Thread

Probably way too niche, but there have been some great photos of comet NEOWISE going around that are worth sharing.

from the ISS, with the comet above the dawn:

from Earth:

It’s still very low in the sky over the UK, but looks like it’ll get higher as the month goes on


I grew up in remote Scotland with beautiful dark skies. Had a really nice reflector telescope. Used to love working my way through the Messier objects, trying to locate and document as many of them as I could. :heart:


Got up at three o’clock this morning to see if I could spot neowise. Could just about see it with the naked eye but looked pretty spectacular in binoculars. Tried to take a photo as well but didn’t really work, couldn’t get it in focus



my cousin posted some lovely pics of the comet that she took from the top of constitution hill in aberystwyth, i was going to repost them but theyre pixelating on my phone for some reason so youre just going to have to imagine them

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Really weird that I cannot find my Norton’s 2000.0 and I’m convinced I brought it to Aus :cry:

closes eyes, screws up face, thinks really hard

oh wow, they’re amazing!

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Still no clear skies here since NEOWISE became visible :cry:

not looking good here for the rest of the week either

I might have some luck Friday or Saturday night, if the current forecast holds

Saw it last night. The clouds cleared about 9pm so I went out at midnight. I’d planned the best place to go and look at it from some high ground, but it turned out to be visible from the end of my drive. No photo, but it looked very good through a pair of binoculars. Jupiter and Saturn were also looking great last night, and I saw a bat and some foxes, so all in all quite a walk.

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Tonight’s good forecast has been well and truly cancelled :frowning: Tomorrow and Sunday night are supposed to be clear here. Itching to see it and get it on (digital) film.

Got some decent photos tonight.


zoomed in a bit:


Closest approach to earth for NEOWISE today so theoretically should be when the tail appears its longest. Cloudy all evening and night for me though so no chance of seeing it. Hope everybody else has better luck

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Stared at it for about three hours last night. GBOC.

Then I dreamed about a comet, and it was actually a massive method of transport for some clever alien race. The ice was to protect them from sunlight.


Certainly is a GBOC. Won’t be back for another 6,800 years so I’m trying to make the most of it

Tbh I haven’t got any plans for then

Too cloudy for me to enjoy any Great Conjunction action, but look at these beauties from APOD


I found it btw. PHEW!

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