Rolling Australian Music Thread 🇦🇺

By somewhat popular demand, a thread to discuss and share new/favourite Australian music.

Typing this whilst devouring the new Camp Cope album, which inspired this endeavour:

For a fairly small population, Australia is putting out some brilliant stuff over the last few years across a wide range of genres. I guess most people are familiar with Camp Cope and Rolling Blackouts (and Nick Cave, Go Betweens and all the usual big names), but hopefully there will be some love for some of the less well known bands knocking about down here.

Thread rules:

Only ONE share of Smoko/Land Down Under allowed. Any more will result in the strongest of ban requests.

Let’s get into it :australia:


Body Type

All female indie from New South Wales/Western Australia. New album out in May, here are some tracks:

Latest single

And the one before that

2018 EP which was their last fuller release, Dry Grass is my favourite of their catalogue:


I’ll be back tomorrow for some good new music. But let’s not forget the greats.


Bored Shorts

Indie Pop from Wollongong, NSW. This album was one of my favourites from last year. FAO @rich-t

Grace Cummings

Has been getting a bit of chat, mainly between @BMS1 and myself tbh. Singer songwriter from Melbourne


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One of my favorites singles of last year.

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Dick Diver

Yes, that’s their name. One of the most influential Australian indie bands of the last twenty years:

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Pist Idiots

Could be dismissed as quite lad rock if not given a proper listen, big fan of this record:

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The Crooked Fiddle Band

Folk/Punk/a lot more. Another NSW/Sydney band, other cities are available. Think they would find a lot of fans here:

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Eat your heart out Tame Impala and King Gizzard



Dream pop from Melbourne. I fucking LOVE this album so much:

Snowy Band

Bedroom indie pop from Melbourne (I think?). Latest was great:

How about that dnb remix or down under? It’s that allowed?

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Power pop punk from Sydney. If you like this song you’ll like them:

This is the one share allowed.


I’m in Australia at the moment and was horrified to hear this on the radio. :scream:

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Stella Donnelly

Will cover some of the more well known artists now, but what an album this is:

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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

My favourite Aussie band? My favourite Aussie band.


Probably off kilter here, but legend. One of the greatest drinking songs of all time.

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We welcome all contributions. Nothing (within reason) off limits