Rolling Beyoncé Thread

New single

Album next month

It’s nice every bar in Spinningfields now has a new track to play.

Good stuff! Happy that Big Freedia will be getting some attention too off the back of this (she is great). I have high expectations for the album.

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I’m not sure about the single. Kind of made me just want to listen to old house classics instead. I think it might be missing a mega video that sells it to me.

I am very ready for a Beyonce club album.


It’s alright

I expected a bit more though than her just singing over a loop. It’s a bit pedestrian for a Bey comeback after all these years


Really like it. Yeah it sounds a bit like Closer Than Close or Show Me Love or something but that’s not a bad thing. Big banger imo.

Thought Black Parade was really underrated

Having said that, if Beyoncé (and Drake) are bringing back ‘Hip House’ then I’m all for it

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Didn’t like it at first but it grew on me towards the end


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Feel like Charli did a better job with the show me love sample (it is a sample in the Bey track right?).

Feels a bit generic for her was expecting more.

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This is a great hip house banger


It’s… fine, I guess? Feels very throwaway.

Interestingly she’s credited the writers of Show Me Love, despite not obviously using anything but that generic organ synth sound that’s all over house music from that time. Looks like popstars are covering their backs now because of all the songwriting cases recently.

Wondering what she’s got to say about it all

Was just thinking how much I would love half the album to be Kaytranada beats & the other half to be Kerri Chandler

This is a tune. Some of y’all sleeping

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Really enjoying this album so far.

Good reviews across the board so far. Looking forward to listening this afternoon

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