Rolling Beyoncé Thread

I’m in awe of how botched the rollout of this album has been. You couldn’t do it worse if you tried


Dunno; it’s all over the press, there presumably will be different edits of hard copy (due to words/samples) which fans will re-buy.

Seems like potentially a success in that world where all attention is a win.

The number of fans who buy multiple pressings of a record must be very small even for an artist like Beyoncé.

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I’d have thought it was very much more a niche pursuit?

sits stroking the 2 copies of Madlib’s Sound Ancestor


Literally no idea to be fair! I assumed somebody as famous as they are would have legions of completist fans, but maybe that isn’t the case at all.

Discogs pricing has gone to ridiculous levels already and that’s before the news about the Kelis sample this morning.

Screenshot 2022-08-03 at 12-56-20 Beyoncé - Renaissance

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It’s still 60 quid on her store? Limited to 4 per customer is such a weird thing

Oh there was an inital pressing

Well confused myself.

It is a Niche interest, but bands are now really juicing that small percentage of fans who will pick up multiple editions (Idles are quite bad for this imo).


A lot of bands releasing different colour records (god there have been some real egrigous cases of this with the tiniest of differences between some colours)

It’s gross and whilst I think its the record label in the case of Idles who aren’t rolling in cash themselves (likely at least) its doubly egregious when a musician like Beyonce does it because ya know… shes wealthy as fuck and has way more control over things such as this than a band like Idles would. Its gross really

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I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan and I’ve missed a lot of the discourse about this record’s issues until reading about it and listening to it but in isolation I am LOVING this so far. This is so up my street I’ve renamed it “Beyonce Rennaissance Avenue”

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve shouted…

This is SO good
This fucking slaps
This is absolute filth


This has grown on me so much

Keep finding myself singing the start of PURE/HONEY around the house despite being neither a bad bitch nor a money bitch


the slant rhymes at the end of SUMMER RENAISSANCE is the standout section to me

Still struggling to listen to anything other than Renaissance tbh


I absolutely love it. Nothing like what I normally come to Beyoncé for, ngl I am still a little narked there’s no big shoutalong choruses, but taking it for what it is I’m having a blast with it.

I want to like this but it’s leaving me cold. Some of the textures and that are cool objectively, but subjectively I’m a bit bored?

I really hate the Right Said Fred reference in Alien Superstar. really hate it. Quite like the song apart from that but hard to look past something that makes me squinch my face up

This album both slaps AND bangs. My favourite thing she’s ever done and that’s saying something.

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This thing in Dubai is really fucking weird.


I just see it more as greedy :smiley:

No way will i play Dubai! I’ve been well pro lbgtq rights!

they said they would give you $35 mill bab

when do we leave!?


It’s everything about it, where it is, what it was for, the fee involved and finally the people invited.