Rolling biting your nails thread

Hey all

I have a real issue with this right now and I want to stop because (a) frankly it’s gross but also (b) I’m now causing myself actual pain from doing it.

I’ve always done it a bit, but it’s got markedly worse in the last 18 months. I’m particularly prone to doing it when I’m in the cinema, which i go to a lot more now than I ever have in the past.

I think it’s been bad in the last year or so because of general MH issues from being in London and in a proper job - I’m fixing the first part soon but obviously the second part won’t go away. But also I think it’s cos I’m a massive fidget and need to do something with my hands (hence the cinema stuff - much better at home where I can fuck around on my phone).

And while I’ve always done it to an extent it’s got to the point where I’m regularly tearing skin off and it’s properly minging. Here’s tonight’s damage, blurred cos gross

Just did some washing up and it really hurt.

Anyone got any useful tips / overcome this in the past?

I used to bite my nails all the time, would even bite my toenails occasionally (not sure why, not sure I even could now even if I tried)

solution was to get braces - can’t bite your nails with braces, had them for a few years or whatever and then when they came off even the idea of biting my nails feels weird. fairly extreme measure to go to though.

That’s not true in my experience. Had braces through my mid teens and continued biting my nails.

I’m a moderate biter. Won’t go as far as you have there Guntrip, but will regularly chew and nibble the skin around the nails and finger which can be bad. Did get a nail to the quick for the first time in ages and realised that biting them that much hurts.

well in that case I would not recommend getting braces solely to stop nail biting then

Luckily they have a good secondary purpose of straitening teeth

they’re not too bad at that tbh

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recommend you all buy a nail clipper keyring with an inbuilt nail file

Absolutely no fucking way you should be carrying whatever you clip your nails with around with you all day.

why not bluto

Just realised I’ve left two bitten-off nails on my desk at work, forgot to put them in the bin


I don’t know how I stopped. I used to bite my nails and my skin so much and I’d be really paranoid of people seeing my wet hands. Sorry that’s not useful. I managed to stop though, so this is a message of hope.

I’m a biter (amongst other things). No idea how to stop. Do it most when I’m nervous (90% of my life). Girlfriend gets a tiny bit annoyed by it but understands why I do it. Nails being short is useful for guitar, but annoying when I see my hands in photos.

I have no advice, just wanted to jump on your bandwagon.

because it’s disgusting

Picker, not a biter

I bit them obsessively for years, then started biting the skin around my fingers too. these days I bite my nails far less (though went down to the quick twice recently, just on the edge of the nail, and it’s so grim) but the skin picking/biting is compulsive. nowhere near as bad as actual clinical cases but whenever I need to squeeze lemons/limes for cooking, JESUS FUCK THE PAIN. pick at toenails too although luckily not so badly that I get ingrown toenails on a monthly basis (hi, teenage me) or that I rip out my little toenail and it bleeds so hard you think it will never grow back. not the worst thing i even did to my feet on a picking basis, looool.

apparently my mum used to pick too but stopped when my dad used to slap her hand every time she’d do it in public. he tried this approach with me and all I did was hide it from him. if i don’t pick when i want to then it’s all i can think about doing and i feel really uneasy until i can pick. :frowning: