Rolling Blackouts CF thread

Couldn’t see one.

New UK dates in July



basically London innit

Maybe they’re big fans of John Bunyan.

Seeing them support Idles in Dublin in the summer. Missed their headline show last year so looking forward to it

Got a ticket for Cardiff. Been wanting to see them for ages. Plus the obvious bonus of Tiny Rebel at the end of the street.

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It’s where I grew up! Sadly back a few weeks before so don’t think I could make this as well…

Presume they’re doing a festival or some big support slot in Actual London.

I think they’re playing All Points East (and yes I know you did, we’ve talked about it before :wink: )

What are this lot like live? Worth going to see? Reckon it could be good in the afternoon at a festival.

Seeing them supporting Idles next week, quite looking forward to them

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Saw them last year! Good fun live. Very energetic. There’s not a lot of stylistic variation, so you’ll mostly be surfing on one vibe throughout.

Bedford is my gig! Sold out!!

(and you saw Les Savy Fav there iirc)

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Saw them at lowlands last year and yes they were good craic

two bands I love - but im surprised at the pairing really

Seen a lot of bands there!

(And good stuff - shame i’m not around)

London gig is on the 17th? Am I missing something, doesn’t look like it’s part of a festival

Seeing them in Reading in a few weeks. Pleased that Our Girl are supporting, too, after they had to pull out of their show here in April.

Yeah slightly unexpected but it worked. Was a one off outdoor gig in Dublin rather than a tour or anything.

They were great but 45 minutes was too short, definitely need to see them do a full set (it sold out last time they were here so I missed em)

Rolling Blackouts GBOL

What a lovely pair of lads, I had a great time with them!



New single:

This band can do no wrong.


Love this band. Love this song. Very uplifting.