Rolling Books You've Read in 2017 thread

Let’s do this. Talk about the books you’ve read or plan to read right here in this thread.

I’m going to try to read more books this year than list year, which should be doable as im not starting my studies this year until April.

Here’s one I picked up today:

Which has a lot of Spanish stories in both English and Spanish page-by-page. Has stories by Borges and Marquez amongst others

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Currently reading this, which I bought two years ago but hadn’t got round to reading as it’s too big to take on the train etc. I don’t really rate it so far. It feels self-conscious and fussy trying to pastiche a victorian novel, like it’s in fancy dress or something.

Also reading this, which is way better.

Jorge Luis Borges :heart_eyes_cat:

Got this two. Have neglected his work previously

on a bit of a horror kick lately, so i picked this up:


really glad i’m reading it on kindle so nobody has to see the title when i’m reading it. pure embarrassing but the book comes highly recommended.

This has all the good stuff. I recommend Italo Calvino too on the same bent.

I’ve got a list in a sketchbook somewhere of all the fake/fictional books in Borges’ stories, and I’ve got plans to do a project some time of designing the covers for them.

I’ve read Invisible Cities and loved it. I actually planned to make an ambient album based (roughly) on it, but I had a semi-breakdown playing a gig a couple years ago and haven’t been interested in making music since.

Anything else by him that you’d recommend?

please tell the rest of this story…

oh im also gonna attempt to read loui_tacceh’s novel this year

I like all of them really. Invisible Cities is my absolute favourite though. If On a Winter’s Night A Traveller and Cosmicomics are also classics.

His first book, The Path To the Spider’s Nest is also more of a straightforward novel, about the WWII Resistance in Italy.

I really enjoyed Luminaries once it got going, did need to dedicate myself to it to get get far though.

Started The Fishermen today…

got booked to play a usually quiet pub, turned out it was freshers and the place was rammed. sound was shite and could barely hear myself. mate’s girlfriend ended up walking over and asking me when i was starting five minutes into the set. realised it was futile so created a loop and went to the bar and downed 5-6 drinks in 10 minutes then went back onstage to finish off with a load of feedback.

sounds fine tbh


Reading The Outrun by Amy Liptrot. It’s making me want to visit Orkney and look for corncrakes.

Planning to read a chunk of the 40/50+ books in my to read pile. I would say I won’t buy any more in the meantime, but I know it won’t happen.

Yeah work stress was the main reason it got to be so much, was just overwhelmed by a sense of pointlessness so i banged it on the head and haven’t gone back to it since.

Loved the majority of the stories. One or two that didn’t really do anything for me, but a solid 8/10

Borges is on my list for 2017. He’s influence is all over Ted Chiang’s short “Story of Your Life” (recently adapted as “Arrival”).

I just finished Arrival - Chiang’s collection of short stories. They cover the psychological impact of maths, the pursuit of progress, time and the visitation of angels. My favourite is “Understand” - a first person account on gaining super-intelligence. I’ve read it five times now.

You have choice of having Amy Adams or Jeremy Renner on the cover. As if I had to choose.

This sounds really interesting. Will keep it in mind for the future

Loved the Talisman and Black House but never thought to try his own stuff.