Rolling Books You've Read in 2017 thread


Loved the Talisman and Black House but never thought to try his own stuff.


About half way through Fictions. Really enjoying it.


Finished it off. Wonderful stuff.

Got this for some reason, enjoying it so far;


about to finish Animal by Sara Pascoe and oh my god, I echo everyone on here, it is fucking brilliant, everyone needs to read it immediately


that cover hurts


Good innit, she’s absolutely great


so good

I wasn’t a massive fan of her stand up tbh but I think I have changed my mind since reading this


As with loads of UK comedians I find her a lot funnier conversationally than I find her actual act but she’s got a fun sort of nervous energy I like from her stand-up. Hunt down her podcast appearances on Adam Buxton and Scroobius Pip, she’s brill.

  1. Tampa - Alissa Nutting

Really not sure where to land on this tbh, the premise (a female paedophile teacher seducing her students) was interesting and under-explored and had a lot of potential for Lolita-esque conflict between narrator and reader. It ended up being way more disturbing than Lolita for me though as it’s pornographically gratuitous and doesn’t really seem that interested in exploring the morality of the situation? Ending felt very rushed as well, like the author suddenly realised a need to punish the character having indulged her for so long. It read very well though, not sure, anyone else read it?


@mrmrongov finished peter straub’s ghost story and it was pretty terrible all told. Gonna read rosemary’s baby by ira levin and hope it restores my faith in horror.


oh boy, I feel bad! - what’s that, 2 misses out of 2? I should probably try to read it myself as a punishment.(Maybe there actually isn’t any good modern horror?)


Haha not your fault! Both sounded good from reviews and synopses. Ill keep looking. Shame coz this one started out kind of atmospheric and good but got really tedious 2/3rds of the way through.


Richard Bachmann - The Long Walk
Enjoyed this, cheers @LeeKaye. Slow and arduous dystopian novel about 100 people who take part in a walk to the death. Fairly low key for a stephen king novel. Ending felt like a bit of a copout mind.

#5 will be the secret history of twin peaks which i just started and is suitably bizarre already.


Good. Glad you liked it. Yeah, ending went strange and wasn’t great. But I love the simplicity of the idea. And I could feel myself being there and going through the pain, that’s why I feel it’s horror.


Yep, at points i found myself getting annoyed at it being long and tedious and then thought… duhh! Yeah it dipped slightly at the end barkovitch ripping his own throat out was a really odd break in the reality of it. Will get around to the others at some point.



Really fucking great. Basically takes you from Louis XIII onwards, so for the first couple of sizeable (~100 page) chapters you actually get a much broader view of the arts as it shifts – music, theatre and dance and actually the entire nobility-vs-Paris emergence as you head into the Enlightenment.

Sometimes i struggle with out-and-out history books but this is phenomenal.


Need to get reading another book


Just finished Tony and Susan, the book made into Nocturnal Animals. It was decent enough. But it’s one of these books where the cover is filled with quotes from other famous authors jizzing in their pants about how AMAZING it is. It’s decent enough but I think I must miss some subtle thing they all get. The end kind of seems inconclusive. Not the inside story the actual novel.


Started reading Jerusalem by Alan Moore.

Really enjoying the beautiful, overwritten descriptions of everything so far, but according to my Kindle I’m 6% of the way through and have another 52 hours and 38 minutes of reading to go, so we’ll see if that enjoyment sustains.


Recentky I read song of achilles which was great, nights at the circus by Angela Carter, also great and Cockroach by Rawi Hage which was weird but good too. I remember in AS english our teacher giving us angela carter’so little red riding hood version to read (in which little red shags the wolf) and we all just thought he was a giant perv lol we were to young and stupid to appreciate her work