Rolling boxing thread

or how i learned to stop worrying and love the mismatch.


at least you sort of recognise molina - big, can punch, never been anywhere close to showing he can hang at world level. gonna get chinned early.

some really good names on the undercard but none of them in good fights - if you put a ten quid accumulator on joshua, ortiz, taylor, quigg & smith you’ll get 88p back. really not sure i can be arsed forking out for it.

if chisora turns up than the whyte fight could be decent. i like what i’ve seen of khalid yafai but he’s never beaten anyone and luis concepcion has - having a tenner on concepcion at 2/1. ortiz at 1/3 for the ko is good too, probably only so close because whyte couldn’t knock him out, think ortiz would knock every other boxer on the card out tbh.

joshua in the 3rd.

might stream it, nae chance I’m paying for it. It’ll be Joshua in however long he fancies fighting for. 5th I reckon. Can we use this thread to talk about Ward - Kovalev, haven’t had a boxing thread in a while

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read this as Jason Molina. Got sad.


taking that as a yes, I thought it was brilliant, imo Kovalev won a tight one but it definitely wasn’t the robbery some are making it out as, can see how it was scored for Ward. Just good to see the two best at a weight take each other on when they’re both in their prime, and with enough time to get in a rematch or two

aye, thought it was good fight.

had ward a strong favourite, thought he’d mug kovalev off like he did froch but there wasn’t really much to split them technically. i had kovalev by one round but the people calling it a robbery are silly geese. glad they’re re-matching.

apparently it made next to no money - hbo turned down the last pacquiao fight to show it and like 3 times as many people wanted to watch him fight a nobody than they did this. boxing’s really on it’s arse at the minute.

sorry about that, 30% of boxers are called molina, the other 70% are called vargas.

Aye it’s bleak. Holding out hope for Golovkin-Canelo, maybe Lomachenko - Crawford as well as Ward-Kovalev II and a couple of decent heavyweight fights in 2017. Hopefully Oleksandr Usyk jumping up should mean that the good heavies have got to stop avoiding each other

Joshua absolutely mullering everyone has been one of the most enjoyable things about sport in general since the London olympics.

Molina’s at least been in with fighters of world level, if not world class, assuming we’re not arguing one automatically means the other. Wilder, Arreola and Adamek are all decent enough. I’d expect Joshua to win by a mid rounds KO, but it’s important to remember how quick his progression’s been. He’s fighting world level fighterd three years after his debut. He’ll get chinned at some point, but i don’t think it will be tonight. I’d like to see him fight Chisora, then Parker, no doubt he’ll face an American or two over there - Malike Scott or Jennings make sense, bide his time and wait for someone to test Ortiz properly.

Burton v Buglioni’s the fight of the night by an absolute stretch. Despite what some bookmakers might say it’s a 50/50 fight, and one with a bit of needle and what should be an interesting clash of styles. Think i’m edging towards Buglioni.

Did fancy Conception to beat Yafai, but he’s come in very heavy and can’t win the belt. Hard to know where his head will be, or if the weight advantage will work for or against Yafai until we see him.

Quigg, Callum Smith, and Ortiz should all win, but all are well capable of stinking the place out.

golovkin-canelo is the only one i can see maybe getting boxing back to a wider cultural event type of thing. maybe lomachenko as well - said he’s interested in going as high as 147(!), loads of great fights and some decent names there. did you see his last fight? not sure walters was even hurt, just too embarrassed to continue.
usyk is interesting for the fans - was hoping we’d see the bellew fight but looks like he’s cashing out, can’t blame him like, that haye fight is silly as fuck but they’ll make money.

I’d argue boxing’s about as big as it can get without any obviously great world stars at heavyweight. Fights are being made, and across promoters and weights, probably due to the influence of the UFC. I don’t really agree that Golovkin has that sort of pull, or even Alvarez outside of Mexicao and other South Americans, but yeah, it would be a huge fight.

I’d argue that British boxing is at or maybe just ever so slightly past an all time golden age. It might not feel like it now, but at one point, around a year ago, we had thirteen world champions, and a few of them, like McDonnell and Fury, had gone overseas as underdogs to win them. This period has weirdly coincided with Hearn and Sky getting into bed, which makes you wonder why he gets so much stick.

Aye they’ll make huge amounts of money, and Usyk would completely demolish Bellew. Moves better and punches harder than Haye at his peak imo. Loma is probably the best fighter on the planet atm (can’t be P4P no. 1 because of who he’s fought) apparently he’s likely to fight Pacquiao next year, which could be a bit grim to watch but will raise his US profile I guess.

fight of the year - Vargas - Salido
fighter of the year - Frampton

This is very strong posting.

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must have missed molina beating adamek, didn’t know he was still boxing tbh. still, good win that.

probably a tad harsh on molina and i wasn’t really slagging the match making down in that instance - you’re right joshua is ahead of schedule in time served. the only reason i was complaining is because this is a ppv headliner. not joshua’s fault people will pay to watch him beat people up.

might stick some pennies on buglioni then, never seen either fight. great name he’s got.

i’ve never seen ortiz have a stinker, although i missed the scott fight & heard it was pants, willing to give him a pass.

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yeah i don’t think there’s much more they can do. there have been more well matched high level fights this year than i can remember seeing for a while, the star making apparatus has just fallen away in the US.

british boxing is in great health comparatively. about people not liking hearn & sky - firstly, man comes across a right bellend… also they need to sort the comms out, the home bias is fucking horrible.

Joshua by rights shouldn’t be the star attraction on pay-per-views every time he fights, but the figures are so dizzying that it’d be crazy not to. They must be making £10m all in every time he sells out the O2 when you factor in the TV buys and sponsorship. I’d be tempted to just keep doing that. The opponents almost become irrelevant, just duck the really dangerous ones.

Burton’s a classy fighter with more strings to his bow than Buglioni, but he’s not a big hitter. Buglioni’s lost two, one to a genuinely good fighter, and he comes forward in straight lines and has a questionable defence, but he’s exciting and durable and he can bang. It’s a classic boxer vs fighter bout. If Burton sticks to his gameplan he’ll win on points, but if he gets dragged into a scrap he’ll probably come off second best.

Ortiz definitely isn’t 37. He’s in his mid-40s. Lots of pundits think he’s the standout fighter at the weight, but i don’t know. Probably the most avoided, and he has frightening power. He somehow made a massive meal of beating Malik Scott despite bashing him up early on. He didn’t like having to chase him round the ring. I think he’s beatable, but probably only if someone can be disciplined enough to pull off a performance against him similar to Haye’s againt Valuev.

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honestly one of the only fights i’d be interested in from manny now.

fighter of the year - probably crawford if/when he wins tonight
fight of the year (head) - thurman porter
fight of the year (heart) - crolla baroso

I’d love to see Frampton v Rigondeaux. Don’t think it will be made, so i’ll settle for Frampton v Selby. There are an infinite number of great fights for him around those weight if he wants them.

Spence Jr v Brook, and Flanagan v Crolla are the others off the top of my head.

Agree with the bias. It’s one drawback of the exclusive deal, but getting rid of Jim Watt’s a start at least. I find Macklin and Froch as bad when commentating on their old gym mates. I much prefer the punditry on BoxNation - Bunce, Lillis and Jones are all much more neutral and offer more in-depth analysis - but the cards are at least as mixed, domestically at least. It wil be interesting to see how the Warren/BT deal pans out.

Still, as i said upthread, Hearn having full reign at Sky has coincided with a hugely decorated spell of success, largely for Matchroom fighters. I wonder if a bit of bias and Eddie’s cheese is a relatively small price to pay, as much as i’m against it in principle

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