Rolling boxing thread



defo, it’s embarrassing to be a fan of the sport at times with the amount of gofundmes for former fighters you see, at least skoglund is from a proper country with a public health service. hopefully the money side of that is covered at least.

such a shame, he looks a really talented lad.


The recent stuff with roc nation and Daniel Franco is absolutely heart breaking


Anyone watching this York hall card? Lads just come out to sailing by rod Stewart faded into the dropkick murphys


billy joe looked genuinely superb against lemieux there. looking at it after the fact it is a bit of a gift match up, but he was so much better than I’ve ever seen him. looks like ingle’s special sauce has sorted his cardio issues out as well. actually interested in the GGG fight now.


Just caught up with this. Incredible performance. Hand up - I predicted Saunders to get smashed to bits. I didn’t think he had it in him to go 12 without gassing and/or doing something stupid. But he made Lemieux look like an uncultured slugger throughout. He sounded focused and weirdly articulate in the interview he gave on Costello & Bunce’s podcast last week, it sounds like the move to Sheffield has worked wonders. I hope he can keep his head in the game. I’d love to see him fight Jacobs next though I reckon there’s not enough money in that fight for either man to risk derailing their shot at the Canelo/GGG winner.


that’s the big worry innit, really doubt he’ll touch jacobs so it’s gonna be september at the absolute earliest before a big fight, not sure i trust him to stay at this level. wo tho, what a performance. in rd 7 he looked like mayweather at times.

Boxing 2018 Thread

Joshua - Parker on the 31st of March in Cardiff then. Seems short notice but I guess it’s been in the pipeline for ages. Anyone give Parker a chance? Looked terrible against fury the only time I’ve seen him


i’ve only watched him twice as far as i can remember but i thought he lost both. people who know more than me seem to rate him but i’ve not seen it yet, got decent power and a good engine, best bet is probably trying to get to the late rounds as fresh as he can and letting aj shag himself out.

worth a new thread for 2018?


Yeah do it


Zelfa’s lost this.

Great fight.


Absolute cracker. No way it was 5 rounds, correct result though


Two points to Clark would’ve been about right (a round up plus the knockdown).


No way that lad is 21 :joy::joy:


They’re gonna struggle to get Dubois fights. He hits hard


Chisora talk’s daft. Put him in with a couple of punchbags - Sprott, Williams maybe, a few wily Europeans, then move him up to Sexton, Cornish, maybe Dave Allen. Delboy’s eighteen months off.


They’ll have to put a big wedge behind him. Matchroom spent a fortune on building up Joshua’s experience.
You’re right about him being nowhere near ready for chisora though. He would be last step before a world title eliminator


smith is pretty balls, this kickboxer just took a round off him.


Yarde is gonna get dropped when he comes up against someone with a big right. You can’t shoulder roll while stood still


joe gallagher boxers :poop::poop::poop::poop:


That French lad was nails tbf to him