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Who’ve you got in the big fights then, lads?

  • Thurman
  • Garcia

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  • Brook
  • Spence Jr

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  • Joshua
  • Klitschko

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  • Bellew
  • Haye

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  • Golovkin
  • Jacobs

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  • Linares
  • Crolla

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  • Williams
  • Smith

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  • Whyte
  • Chisora

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Interesting split on the Garcia v Thurman fight. He won’t be big enough, surely…


Thurman should win it, yeah. Garcia’s looked pretty shit for ages and is indeed small for the weight - but he’s such a slippery turd I can totally see him eking out a victory and refusing to defend the belts against anyone of note for the next 5 years.


Apparently this is very good and an early FOTY candidate, only a couple rounds in atm


wilder undercard is worth seeing

[spoiler]wilder fight itself wasn’t, dunno what i’m supposed to do with him in my head. absolute nothing for 4 rounds then he bounces your man’s head around with his big sloppy lummox hooks. for a man with such ungodly power he sure is boring to watch.

ungonoh & harrison both looked really sharp early before getting mashed, both really entertaining fights & fair dues to the winners but always feel it’s a shame when chin beats skill. harrison is really pretty when he’s on it.

dunno how people gave mcdonnell more than a round or two, battled hard but vargas boxed him to pieces even after he gassed, nice to see dave allen get a win after taking whyte and ortiz back to back, there was an interview with him i saw where he said he trained in his mate’s shed & spars anyone on his estate who fancies it whether they’re 8 stone or 22 stone. seems a daft bollocks.[/spoiler]


woopwoop khan pacquiao signed for april 23.

lovely stuff. fair play to amir, big balls.

run khanvsstrongpuncheranalysis.exe


big sloppy lummox hooks is a fucking perfect description


Obviously Manny’s punch power isn’t what it was. Some would point to age, i’m a bit more cynical. There’s a chance that if Khan’s head’s in the right place the timing…might just be right.

Trouble is it clearly isn’t. I don’t know if a fighter at that level can function to their peak through personal problems, and therefore the end result might be the birds circling around his dazed bonce again.

On the fence, then.


On the one hand I’m a bit disappointed he’s getting rewarded for avoiding Brook for the millionth time. On the other, well, I suppose you’ve got to give him an A for perseverance - he’s been lurking around nipping at Pacquiao and Mayweather’s heels begging for a big money fight for what feels like an eternity. And it’s definitely a better fight than Pacman vs Jeff Horn.


i’m sure there’s some deteriation in his power, for naughty reasons or not, but if you look through his recent record there are some tough lads in there, can’t remember anyone in that run since cotto being KOd by in their career.

JMM, margarito, rios, mosley all have HOF chins & he’s still the only bloke i can remember putting bradley on the seat of his pants. he’ll crack amir at some point and the thing that happens when amir get’s cracked will happen. which is a shame.


If Brook hadn’t fought Spence he’d be accused of avoiding him anyway. Think Khan - Pac and Brook - Spence are both probably more interesting fights atm than Khan-Brook.

Just checked and Khan’s only been knocked out 3 times in his career, which seems very low


You’re right but I had hoped we could get the fight done and dusted at last. Now whatever happens we have to endure yet another round of their shit banter.


Amir Khandashian! what a zinger!


Anyone bothering with Bellew - Haye.

Reckon Haye will put him away pretty easily tbh, not gunna be paying for it or going out for it, but my friend might lend me his laptop with an entirely legal stream to watch on it


After the state of the build up I not only don’t want to watch it I’d happily never see either of them box again.

…I’ll probably stream it though. And yeah, Haye should walk it.

Might stop up for Garcia/Thurman too. If I don’t I’ll only check twitter on Sunday morning and spoil the result for myself.


I know it’s a joke and likely to be very dull but fuck it

  • Haye early (1-4)
  • Haye mid-late stoppage
  • Haye by decision
  • Bellew by stoppage
  • Bellew by decision

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