Rolling boxing thread



selby’s fighting in front of 6 blokes and a wheelie bin here.


Anyone got any decent mobile streams?


disclaimer pretending it’s for a friend anyone got a half decent quality stream


nevermind got one: Malignaggi’s got pillows for hands eh


bookmark yous wangs

eggington seems impossibly thick.


pretty sure this is gonna be a bumdinger. would love to see Haye properly knocked out early on though, can’t lie.


Bellew’s pretty tough, to be fair, but his movement’s shite. Reckon he’ll go down 2 or 3 times before haye finishes it in the fourth or fifth


this would have been stopped if it was two lads in a six rounder.


who is that gonna be carl?

i don’t know the names of any other female boxers mate what are you even asking.


boxers walking out with football themed kit has never looked good, has it. definitely ruined by Hatton anyway.


I’ve been sniffy about this fight and all the WWE bullshit surrounding it but I’ve got to hand it to 'em - Hearn and co. sure can hype the shit out of a fight. I’m actually quite excited now.

(My stream is about 5 minutes behind the action so it’s probably already over).


is that paulie malignaggi commentating?!


An entrance like Prince Naz and Kelley?! Go home mate you’re drunk.


Certainly is!


well Haye looks ropey as fuck then


Unorthodox, but fair play to Bellew for fighting in socks and sandals


fucking hell, cant unsee :’)


cursory glance at twitter suggests I was maybe the 2000th person to make the same joke. but yeah, looks like me when I take the bins out in the morning




oh my