Rolling boxing thread







I don’t think he’s going to get the winner of joshua-klitschko guys


Haye is done


Good lord! Glad I didn’t have a bet on this one.




haye went from 4/1 on to 6/1 in a round


Hayes just doing damage limitation now


well he also broke his ankle tbf


or fucked up his leg in some way, I’m not a fackin’ doctor!


be good if this goes to the cards eh


looks like his knee to me.


neither of them come out of this looking particularly good. Haye’s broken down. Bellew can’t put away a man who can’t walk


Haye literally had his hands behind his back one


no idea what he’s done but so weird for a match to completely flip on the basis of some injury rather than a punch. wouldn’t be surprised if it was a snapped achilles which is a common age-related injury


That conditioning tho


Haye’s won this round lol


It feels like its flippwd…


Rematch in a steel cage


He’s clearly injured but I can’t figure out why he looks like he’s 8 pints deep. Such an odd fight.