Rolling boxing thread




cos he can’t lift his right foot, he has to keep it flat and it means he can’t punch through it or walk properly. Bellew is fucking gone now as well.


they should make bellew spin on the spot 30 times before each round to even it up


tony bellew looks a bit like mac from it’s always sunny


Thats the end of David Haye’s career then


fair play to Bellew there, and great effort by Haye. Didn’t have any hopes for this fight but it was great to watch.


Towel! Fuck me


god, just fuck already.


fair play to em both but what a shit show.

i hate adam smith and his spirit of the game respect shite.


Well, if you described how this went down yesterday after all the shit Haye had said in the build up I’d have said, “good, fuck that guy.” But I have to take my hat off to him for keeping on for so long.

It was a good spectacle. Completely irrelevant to anything other than their egos and wallets, but y’know. It was entertaining at least.


I didn’t give a shit about winning.

I wanted to beat him more than anything in the world.

fucking WWF man.


Let’s not try to sell the rematch though lads. Haye’s done. Bellew can go get sparked by Gasiev or Usyk


This shit drives me crazy. Same (on a smaller scale) with Davies v Matthews earlier. Talk shit in the run up “just to promote the fight” and all cuddles and smiles afterwards. It’s just embarassing.


R.I.P boxing


Bah gawd! that’s Audley Harrison’s music!


Let’s face it, wrestling does boxing better than boxing does and it’s not real


I’m pretty sure there’s a sport somewhere in all this bullshit. Fuck knows why I keep diving for it though.

There are fights though and then there are spectacles. And that was a bit of the former and a lot of the latter. Hopefully Garcia v Thurman later will be a good demonstration of the better end of this whole boxing debacle.


Post-fight interviews on 5Live are vomit-inducing.

Grudge match my arse


tbf if you’d not paid any attention to anything pre-fight, switched it on at the first bell, and turned it off the second the towel came in, it was a good watch.

Hopefully the proper fight tonight will be better and not have the nonsense


not staying up, sure would be swell if someone posted a video of garcia thurman in here so i don’t spoil myself googling for it tomorrow morning.