Rolling boxing thread



Well i thought that was bloody great. Would’ve been better if Bellew had knocked him out once injured, but great entertainment despite little quality from either man.

Both should retire. Wouldn’t begrudge Bellew a final payday, but he’s already grossly overachieved. Haye, brave as he was, isn’t a boxer and his career has been a joke for about six years.


Haye looked like he was suffering from a severe case of gout.

In fairness it was an enjoyable bout overall - just a shame heavyweight boxing is so stagnant at the moment. Bellew kissing AJ’s arse in the post-fight interview made me miss Tyson Fury.


best it’s been for 20 years, just that neither of these two are anywhere near the interesting end of it


Bellew’s been talking about how much he doesn’t really want to box and just wants to secure his families future for a while now. I doubt he’ll bow out with another huge payday looming, even if that was as good a swansong as he could possibly hope for. Him trying to talk up a fight between him and Joshua was worrying. He has no business in the ring with any proper heavyweight. Hopefully he realises that.

As for Haye, well the best he could hope for was to be a lucrative stepping stone for Joshua. Doubt that’s even an option now, and that’s probably for the best. I for one could happily live without hearing his pre-fight bad guy awfulness ever again tbh.


I think the only option for either of them is to try to make the rematch a thing. There’s no point Bellew dropping back down to cruiser where there’s not much money or interest, but there are a handful of pretty dangerous fighters. Neither of them will want to mix it with british level heavies, plus Whyte or Chisora would probably see either of them off. Maybe Bellew getting a payday against Joseph Parker or one of them being Tyson Fury’s comeback fight is the only other thing I can think of


Nonsense. Fury was the best thing to happen to Heavyweight Boxing since Mike Tyson and they had to ruin it for him.

Anthony Joshua is technically great but about as interesting as the dishwater in my kitchen sink.


Fury ruined it for himself


classic they!


oh you’re trolling, nevermind. we had a decent thread here for a bit




decent had thurman pretty wide, maybe 9-3. first couple of rounds were barmy, garcia showed some nice defence in the middle rounds after being stiffened a few times but it was at the expense of actually countering. by the time he looked to have his confidence back thurman was far enough ahead to put the skates on and coast it out. not sure if garcia failed to land much good work to the head or he isn’t as powerful as i thought at 147. glad thurman won anyway.

welterweight is mint, is tim bradley still active? i’d like to see that fight.


Fury is apparently coming back on May the 13th
despite looking like this atm



Going to post a few potential matchups in poll-form to see who people have got. Feel free to add your own…

  • Rigondeaux
  • Frampton

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  • Lomachenko
  • Gervonta Davis

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  • Mikey Garcia
  • Terence Crawford

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  • Spence Jr
  • Danny Garcia

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  • Golovkin
  • Canelo

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no chance this will get made for a good couple of years. No benefit for Davis’ people chucking a really talented 22 year old into what would be a boxing lesson