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  • Ortiz
  • Wilder


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  • Conlon
  • Yafai


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  • Gonzalez
  • Inoue


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  • Quigg
  • Lee Selby


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No way Davis would beat Loma now, in a few years it could be a great fight


No chat.


voting having never seen inoue box.

  • Eubank Jr
  • Groves


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Lots of writers consider Gonzalez the P4P #1, though, so he'd have to be some fighter.

  • degale
  • groves


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looking more likely maybe

  • Callum Smith
  • DeGale


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someone want to talk me out of putting my car on linares at 3/5? i love crolla but that's a mad line for me.


Linares is a pretty sound bet but it's probably going the distance and while Crolla's never really benefited from hometown scoring to my memory I still wouldn't rule it out..


Arum says the Khan-Pacman fight is dead in the water:

These UAE fights never seem to come off, do they?



is manny skint or something? why does he need his money up front and guaranteed? surely a big enough fight to cover his usual purse on the ppv.


Genuinely find the whole concept of boxing a bit disgusting.


tory opinion


I think in this case they just promised him an obscene amount of money to fight in the UAE and it came to nothing. Arum seemed confident it would fall apart, though he was never keen on the fight anyway. He wants to milk the Pacquiao retirement tour for as long as possible and doesn't want to put him in any fight he might lose.

  • Rocky Balboa
  • Drederick Tatum


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tatum's a two dimensional fighter.