Rolling boxing thread



tempted to stay up for Golovkin - Jacobs tomorrow night. Think it should be a proper contest and Jacobs will trouble him a bit, Golovkin to win by late-ish stoppage though


Michael Conlan’s debut apparently had some really shady betting activity. @bugduv you know anything about what happened?


I’d not heard of him before this morning.

Big pal of Conor McGregor appare…zzzzzzzz.


was robbed at the Olympics last year and won a bundle as an amateur, having McGregor in his ring walk was fucking annoying though aye


Word is they’ve booked MSG for him on St Pat’s Day for the next four years.

Don’t know if i like those sort of manufactured stars.


close fight eh

think i had the 10-8 pinching it for ggg. jacobs was impressive but a lot of his work was more for the crowd than hurtful, a bunch of those flurries that got talked up on commentary hit gloves. golovkin must have respected his power though- didn’t look his usual self in the late rounds - waiting on the perfect rear hand, no jab despite bossing some early rounds with it.

apparently the chocolatito fight was a war. not seen it yet


Agree with every bit of that. If you get the chance the Chocolatito fight was indeed an absolute war!


agreed, but Jacobs’ weight must’ve played a part. Guy looked about 10 pounds heavier than GGG on fight night.

Love watching Chocalatito. Incredible to have a record like his with a fighting style like his, seems to get involved in so many barn burners


Good prep for Canelo


fucking hell, just read that one of Jacobs’ team thinks he went into the ring at 180 pounds, that’s a cruiserweight.


It’s dangerous, in a number of ways.

How hard is it to manage weight and scale on the day?


absolutely daft. What is it, a day and a half between the weigh-in and the fight? and people are rehydrating 20+lbs. No way that can be healthy or sustainable long term


not sure same dayers are any better for safety - just less time to rehydrate innit, people would still be cutting. there are urine hydration tests they could do if they were serious about it. no athletic commission would ever take that risk of promoters taking the fights off to indian reservations though.


dunno if i should be saying indian reservation.

sorry? probably.


yet another reason boxing needs a proper global governing body innit


be nice, probably impossible though. the boxing business is such a good microcosm of capitalism eh.


Yeah it’s still pretty much the wild west. Dunno if the rise of UFC might finally hammer the point home that some sort of central structure would massively benefit the sport from pretty much every perspective including financial, but yeah as you say it’s likely wishful thinking


everyone watching Crolla - Linares tomorrow? Anyone give Crolla a chance? should be a good’un but can’t see him doing it


Linares and Garcia are elite fighters for me, a step above Crolla and Flanagan. I’d say he has a chance, but Gallagher will need a pretty specific gameplan, and there looked a significant gulf last time.

Just looking at the rankings it’s mad how many rated fighters at the weight i’ve still not seen (Barthelemy, Easter Jr, Verdejo, Fortuna, even Gamboa).


If Crolla wins it’ll either be by cuts or robbery. If he can get in close and rough him up and get Linares’ famously fragile skin opened up he might be able to get a stoppage. I really hope we don’t see a gift from the judges. Crolla hasn’t benefited from one of those yet tbf but as we all know fights on these shores often throw up some interesting cards…

Either that he’s going to have to show another level to his game entirely, which I can’t see tbh. I’d bloody love to be proved wrong though.