Rolling boxing thread



Trying to stream this legally (from outside U.K.), willing to pay but can’t find any way of doing it so will be searching for illegal links later and sharing them with as many people as possible, fuck the police!


Just bunged on the PPV after getting in later than I expected. Have I missed much?


Match TV, Nova Sport 1 (Cze), Polsat Sport, RTL, SFR Sport 1, Sport 1+ (Ger), Sport 1 (Hun), ViaPlay (Den), ViaPlay (Nor), ViaPlay (Swe)…apparently.


Quigg fight’s a cracker.


Proper leathering each other
Can they keep this pace up for 12 rounds…


Didn’t expect much from this one tbh. Shows what I know.


think that was closer than carl did. couple of rounds maybe, great fight.


Two rounds in it for me. Three at a push.


v decent stream -


i’m not used to everything being on time. gonna be finished before i’m properly pissed at this rate.


You can’t have a truly,truly great fight without both fighters hating each other. Truth. Truly.


I don’t think this will be a very exciting fight, but i’d be happy with any outcome.

Gut feeling is Joshua by a technical stoppage 7-9.


Anyone got a link that actually works and isn’t full of ads then?


Pre-fight Neil Diamond

  • Nah
  • Yeah

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the one I linked, man!


Full of ads.


really? i had to close one ad pop up and that was it.


in times of need cricfree always works for me

the one profk put above is ok but sound is out of sync


don’t understand how a man nicknamed ‘dr. steelhammer’ can come out to this music and keep a straight face.


showtime not sky