Rolling boxing thread



I can barely see the telly from about eight feet away. Fuck knows how some of these plebs can see that ring.


Was 1 ad, is good. Cheers


Really like wladimir and his bro. Just proper good'uns. Not great to watch, but likkkkaaaabbbllllee


can't focus properly when you've put a gram of coke up your conk anyway.

can see from the reaction to that quigg fight a lot of the crowd isn't here for boxing.


Think I fell asleep and woke up for the AJ victory lap


would be hilarious if Joshua got KOed in the first round after all that, tbh.


Stream me plz



Forgot about Klitchko being with Hayden Panetierre.



kiss my face


me rn


Can't knock the chuckle


Stream broke down, so I abandoned to go to the radio, just in time for the commentators going nuts.


That 5th round! Wow


joshua looks gone there, silly boy


done well to get back in it.
got it even after 9


Opened himself up too much when he knocked Klitschko down in the 5th. Showed his inexperience.

Great fight btw, much better than I expected.

Vlad up by two for me.


fffffaaiirr play mate i retract the above!


I may have lost count... up by 1ish