Rolling boxing thread



Called it.


what a fight!


Great stuff


honestly one of the best fights I’ve seen live.


Whoah, massive fucking credit to him there


great fight.


fucking brutal uppercut. jesus.


feck me


Fuckin beelin I’m not watching this


That uppercut!

One of the best heavyweight fights I’ve ever seen


Excellent fight. Poses as many questions as if answers, i think, but he’s shown tremendous heart and stamina.


that was great. fucking love wlad, hope he gets the respect he deserves now, legit one of the greats. aj’s time now though. hyped for him vs fury now


That uppercut could not have landed any better.


aghhh fucking love Joshua.

I’ve had a few lagers.


“Wladimir, thanks for taking part.”


Someone take the mic off him now yeah!


What a fight!

All hail the new King Tipper. Hope you put the holiday villa on it.


properly mint.


‘can I go home now?’



How did people have it scored going into the 11th?

My streams weren’t great, but i thought Wlad was a round or two up.


wlad by 1