Rolling boxing thread



Watching the uppercut on loop on Twitter. It’s a bit hypnotic.

He’s absolutely eaten it.


Joshua v Fury would be like some sort of Good v Evil fight


He’s honesrly spoiled the fight for me with all this bollocks on the mic.


if anyone didn’t know already, bugduv is from manchester.




wait are you talking about Joshua or Wlad? thought Joshua was great on the mic.

In any case, I’m pretty pissed, and jus’ joshin’.


Love the booing for Eddie :smile:


I thought up by 1, missed the first two rounds though. I went with the Sky scoring for them!

Astonishing display from Wlad, after his disaster with Fury. I mean he threw more in any one of those rounds than the entirety of his last. I was definitely starting to hope he’s pull it off!


think it’s a bit unfair to say joshua is evil, just a bit dull.


doesn’t even sing ffs


We can talk about Fury v Joshua later. Sometimes us sports fans see things too much about the ongoing narrative rather than just soaking the present in. This is a gamechanging fight and a great fight.


I had Vlad up by 2 at the end. For Joshua to be up from that punishment and come back to knock him out while down on the scorecard…wow. He actually managed to live up to the obscene amount of hype he’s received. Kudos.

He may have been a dick on the mic but if I was him, a young man on the top of the god damn world after that fight, I’d have had the old chap resting on the middle rope and be leading the crowd in a full rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody


have absolutely no idea how its physically possible to take that uppercut, that late into the fight and stay on your feet.


Fuckin hell


The look in his eyes right at the end suggests he can’t believe he’s still up either.


He’s Ukranian, mate.


The official scorecards are in. Ringside judges Don Trella and Nelson Vazquez had Joshua ahead by scores of 96-93 and 95-93, respectively, at the time of the stoppage. Steve Weisfeld had Klitschko ahead 95-93.

Crikey, Don must’ve been on the sauce!


reckon Joshua needs to lose a few pounds if he wants to beat Fury (if that happens). Despite the victory tonight, I don’t think he was overly mobile, and if Fury limits his diet to a pie a day, he’d win on points.


Embarrassing wasn’t it?

Klitschko a class act on the other hand.


I’m glad it finished early as Joshua was always gonna get the nod regardless. Boxing did not need a robbery tonight.