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That was fucking great.


if fury could ever be in the shape he was a couple of years ago fury/joshua is a fascinating fight. i don’t think the gameplan he used for klitschko would work against joshua, where wlad was waiting for openings joshua will make his own, and tyson’s jaw isn’t bulletproof, but i saw some old sparring footage of him playing around hughie fury the other day. fuck me if he isn’t slick. who’s to say he couldn’t pull it off.

it’s a crying shame we’ll probably never see that guy again.


Was really noticeable tonight how badly joshua moves, especially his head. The power and speed of his combinations is fucking mad though. Would back a fully on it Fury to win but that’s not a certainty by any stretch


I agree with all of that. But that’s what excites me about Joshua and the heavyweight division right now - he’s proved tonight he’s got the punch and the heart to beat anyone but also that he’s so open he’s far from unbeatable. He should beat Wilder handily but Wilder has the power to expose those openings. And Fury, if he can get back to his best, has the size and unpredictabilty to shut him down.

And he will, sensibly, avoid Ortiz like the plague. The risk/reward ratio of that fight is all wrong.

Some big, fun fights ahead. I’m really quite excited.


Parker v Joshua for me’s quite interesting. I think Joshua would win by stoppage again, but Parker throws big punches from unconventional angles. Whether the money’s there now they’ve got a taste for the super-purses, who knows.

Agree about the money simply not being there for Ortiz. Have said he’s the one to avoid, but it would be a fascinating shootout. Hearn probably signed him up for a reason, though.

Parker at Wembley, Wilder in the States, Fury at Wembley, retire.


One thing that seems to have changed over recent years, and Hearn’s had a lot to do with that, as much as he’s a twat and in some ways arguably not good for the sport, is the big fights are being made here, world class champions are coming over here to stop our ruddy brave fighters instead of making them travel. Still a bit gobsmacked that i saw Wlad, admittedly at 41, getting stopped at Wembley in front of 90,000 people, or to a lesser degree that Spence is coming to fight at Bramhall Lane, or even Crawford and Linares and Rigondeaux…Golovkin. Even if most of these guys are winning handily they’re coming here to fight.


There’s going to be a song about this fight on the next Sun Kil Moon album.

Great fight, both seem really decent people too.


hah… one of my immediate thoughts was to wonder what Kozelek made of the fight.


aye, that differential between foot speed and hand speed is silly. used to be quite strongly of the opinion that he should lose a stone & a half and try to learn to be more of an out boxer, not so sure of that anymore. he’s shown he has the chin and stamina to make that plod forward tank style work.


just rewatched it, thank atheist god Joshua finished it, because if that had gone to the judges it would’ve been a hell of a robbery. Being as generous as possible to Joshua I had Wlad a point up going into the 11th, no idea how a judge had Joshua up by 3.

Also that uppercut was incredible
Also (hindsight’s 20/20 but) Wlad would’ve won if he’d come out looking to finish it in the 7th, think he underestimated Joshua’s tank and got completely caught out by his resurgence after round 9


was just having a look to see who would have reach advantage in a fury/AJ match.

AJ listed at 6’10"
tyson at 7’1" !!!

the rest of the top 5 ish
wlad 6’9"
ortiz 7’ even
wilder 6’11"*

*would accept wilder being swapped out for either parker or povetkin who are more human being sized listed at 6’4".

heavyweight boxing: have long arms.


My brother and his girlfriend were in a restaurant with Tyson Fury the other day.

As his GFs only 5’2" I couldn’t believe they missed the chance to get a photo of her stood near him.


chicken salad no dressing and a tap water for the big man i presume?


Assuming Fury gets back to his best

  • Joshua
  • Wilder

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  • Joshua
  • Fury

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  • Fury
  • Wilder

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  • Joshua
  • Parker

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  • Parker
  • Wilder

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  • Fury
  • Parker

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think povetkin would have a decent/good chance of stopping fury. proper vacillating on the aj/fury one.


dunno, Klitschko outpointed Povetkin in pure boring, clinchy Klitschko mode, and Fury would probably replicate that, especially with Povetkin realistically being 38/39 by the time a fight’s made. It definitely wouldn’t be a looker


Fury at his best is definitely the wiliest and toughest. Ultimately, he’s earned more money than he’ll ever need, has serious mental health problems and some…erm…lifestyle issues. I’m not sure he’ll realistically get to a point of being fight-fit again.

And in any case, he’s a cunt, fuck him.


Would be very surprised to see him back in a ring in the next couple of years, and whether he has the resolve to get himself fit and clean is questionable at best.
Don’t think Joshua’s reached his best yet so hard to call where they’d be at their peak, would still back him to the hilt for being a nice man though.


wlad is in his element against pressure fighters exactly cause he’s so bloody professional, i could see tyson start showing off fooling about in his stance and eating the big overhand again, i don’t think he’d go into povetkin with the discipline he went into klitschko .

age isn’t even a thing in russia, povetkin’s on the topical creams so hard it’s not funny.


Not sure it matters anyway. I imagine Fury’s plan is to come back, knock over a couple of simple opponents, get the big Wembley Joshua fight (which is easily the richest fight that can be made atm) and, win or lose, take his money and never fight again