Rolling boxing thread



I hope he does that thing again where he shows everyone his belly


And subsequently shits himself after being knocked out




pretty much. from what i’ve seen this training camp he’s in with BJS seems to consist of wearing fat mac shirts and drinking white wine while saunders trains.


tbf even in the absolute physical state he’s in, his head and hand speed look pretty good


that jab block hook is absolutely ridiculous for a man who weighs 25 stone.


Don’t watch the Canelo fight :poop::poop::poop::poop::wc::wc::no_smoking::no_smoking::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::running_man::running_man::-1::zzz::zzz::mans_shoe::mans_shoe:


Surprised so many were talking up the Canelo fight beforehand. For me there was at best a 10% chance of him losing.

I don’t know how i feel about Canelo v Golovkin.


I think it’s the best fight that could be made in boxing this year. As much as canelo’s camp are very annoying it’s 2 genuine top 10 p4p boxers and pretty much a toss-up (would’ve backed golovkin to win comfortably a year ago). Apparently the announcement was pure WWE, not seen it yet


I didn’t expect Canelo to lose but I defo bought into the idea we’d see a bit of a tear up. More fool me for putting any trust in Jr, he made zero attempt to win the fight. Was one of the worst main event performances I’ve ever seen, he should retire immediately.


Was good to see them in the ring together, think they’re listed an inch apart in height but GGG looked a lot taller than Canelo. Didn’t look like alverez brought a great deal of power up past junior middleweight, not entirely fair to judge seeing as chavez refused to engage at any point but he still got caught clean a bunch of times and wore them well.

I’m excited for it.


oh, so it turns out it’s ‘definitely happening’ but the purse and weight haven’t been agreed. It’ll be called off within a month


Anyone else going to Brook-Spence then? If so, beer? Think it’s going to be a really good fight, and I reckon there’s some money to be made betting against the home fighter unfortunately


Not going, but looking forward to watching it. I’m actually surprised that Spence is the odds on favourite. Kell doesn’t seem to get the credit he deserves, he moves well and is heavy-handed at welterweight. He seems to do very well against southpaws too. Hopefully he’s fully recovered from getting his face smashed in by Golovkin.

As for beer, it will be shite, over-priced stuff at Beautiful Down Town Bramall Lane. Not sure if you’re from Sheff, but The Sheaf View and Brothers Arms in Heeley (about 10 mins from the Lane) are good real ale boozers if you’re into that kind of thing.


I live in Sheffield aye, will be at the (very good) new Sentinel Brew House just off St. Mary’s gate beforehand I think. Microbrewery craft beer wanker place.


Him having to lose all that weight he built up for the last fight is gonna fuck him unfortunately


Re: the fight. Two massive unknowns innit, huge step up in class for Spence, Brook dropping back down in weight, after taking a beating, against the best WW he’s fought in years. Both of them look absolutely shredded, should be a good’un


It certainly has the potential to be a classic. Hope you get a good un and Kell wins!


was watching some ifl to get hyped up a bit - this dave allen interview talking about his mental problems & gambling addiction is dead good. he’s a weirdly engaging fella - just one of those archetype personalities that seem to turn up in boxing more than anywhere else, think knowing that you’re absolute double hard leaves the space to be vulnerable with none of the ego getting in the way.

was welling up when he talked about his dad at the end there.


Lads. Fucking buzzing for tonight. Anything before the groves fight worth watching? Very hard to predict but I’m going with a late spence KO. security is going to be mad, mainly for fighty Yorkshire pricks