Rolling boxing thread



Enjoy yourself mate, hope it’s a cracker.

Can’t pretend he’s the most entertaining boxer but I’ve got a personal investment in Allen - Thomas, and at least that’s competitive on paper. Everything else looks like showcase fights.

Bets? Chudinov looks value at 10/3. Sturm is the best win either of them has had since Degale probs, unless he’s fallen off the cliff without me noticing.


I’m crazy jealous - really wish I could be in Sheffield for this. As it is I’m home and my Virgin box has picked today to shit itself and die. Gonna have to stream it I guess.

Okolie should be fun way down on the card, if you enjoy the ever popular ‘British olympian smashing some mug up in 30 seconds’ genre. I like that dude a lot. Apart from that it’s a so so card up till the top two fights. But I expect they’ll be more than enough.


Slightly lazy, but any links would be greatly appreciated gents

Looks like couple of cracking fights. Thanks



never been happier to lose money, was screaming there


Got a couple of quid on Spence to win having been knocked down at 10/1.


one a piece, kell’s crashing the distance a bit awkwardly, actually playing into his hands a bit when spence pressures.


Liking the co-commentator, some good insight on the change in tactics


Same from me. Spence looks stronger on the inside but Kell looks sharper elsewhere.


yup, another to spence, can’t believe he can keep that sort of pace up though, looking to drag kell into a firefight.


Commentary team are making out like Brook is dominating - I have him ahead buy I feel I’ve been generous in a round or two.

“Spence just isn’t good enough” says Froch. 'The fuck is he watching?!


fuck knows, i’ve got kell by one now, tied the 4th. spence is starting to look ragged though and kell is timing the right lead.great fight.


I gave Kell the 4th just because the judges never give tie rounds these days. Froch says Brook is up 5. I don’t mind a bit of patriotic bias bit c’mon Carl.


Spence is getting off first without reply now. Worrying. I fear Kell is burning out.


All bar the second habe been very tight. Think kell will take a decision


got spence one up but winning the last three. worried that brooks fading here


I hope you’re right. He looks spent.


Raising his hand :joy:


brook is a fucking man.

can’t win on my card. hope spence has emptied his self.


Similar to the GGG fight I reckon. Brook got him clean a few times and Spence didn’t respect his power. Started walking through him. Same eye socket injury too? Couldn’t see