Rolling boxing thread



woof. spence is legit.

i’m never gonna call a fighter for stopping, if he can’t see he shouldn’t fight. but this is gonna hang over kell.

froch is fucking embarrassing, bad enough calling things in favour of the home fighter but he completely misread the fight - brook never won a clinch exchange and he was calling him to bully spence in the inside. weird man, go away.


other eye i believe


Yeah. Coming back down welter was a mistake. I hate that he’s lost his last 2 in fights he shouldn’t really have taken, after wasting so much time after winning the belt.


aye, it’s so clear he gassed but you’ve got to give spence major credit for the bodywork too. i hope kell doesn’t get this rep for excuses, he’s miles too good for that.


Absolutely - no shade on Spence, he’s the real deal. I’m a big Brook fan but once tonight’s disappointment fades I’ll be in his corner against Thurman or Manny or whoever. I’m just frustrated with how Brook has been managed since beating Porter. A cavalcade of mediocrity followed by the hardest hitting middleweight out there followed by a tortuous trip back down to welter to face the brightest prospect in the division. What a waste.


Not sure he’ll be back. If he is it will be to take the money against khan


Certainly can’t knock Brook for taking easy route been up against 2 class acts.

Another excellent night of boxing, so happy for George Groves and his words afterwards were very humbling


So, i’ve never really seen kell brook, or the american bloke. i know nothing about boxing

For me, the young bloke battered him for prett much most of the fight, but kell brook landed a few good blows that could’ve beaten weaker opponents.

Am i wrong to think all these commentators and Bellew (who i already know is a moron tbf) are just looking at things so myopically that mourinho would laugh at them ?

“oh he gave up if he got up he would’ve won he looked the stronger, i had him up by 5 rounds”. i know nothing about boxing but wtf.

so odd


Let’s all imagine a world where Brook fought Khan instead of them both jumping up to middleweight for joke fights. That would have been nice, wouldn’t it?


They are. Bellew threw out so many stupid takes I was praying he’d fight Joshua next and have his mouth shut permanently. And Froch called him Spencer all night FFS.


Kell was outclassed in the later rounds. Fair play to Spence, he looks the real deal.

Froch had an absolute mare on commentary. He called the Allen fight badly wrong and didn’t seem to know what was going on during Brook/Spence®.



say kell recovers well & wins a nice rebound fight - can he hang at the top of 154?

canelo and lara look too much, hurd looks like a less skilled but even bigger and harder-hitting spence, i’ve seen the charlos but i get confused rating them cause they’ve got really similar names… anrdrade is rated as the weakest champ but he’s 4 or 5 inches bigger & longer than brook. outside alvarez it’s not a division of stars, unlike welter, but there’s enough talent there that he might not be able to get to a serious belt again.

bit early for all that tbf


Anyone bothering with the Haskins fight tonight?


Oh and other things?

Kovalev - Ward II next weeked ooft
Joshua - Klitschko II confirmed and likely to be held in Nigeria. Will be good but can’t see it being as good as the first. Think Joshua will probably finish it fairly quickly


Crazy excited for Ward v Kovalev. Expect Ward to do the business and get a clearer decision this time (I had Kov up in the first) but anything could happen.

Garcia being lined up to smash Broner’s stupid face in should be good too.

Decided not to bother streaming the Haskins fight - did I miss much?


Burnett was probably better than I expected. That judges scorecard was amazing, nothing much else to report


So then. The big circus fight has been made. Can anyone be arsed to argue for it? Beyond “it’ll make a lot of money” and “you don’t have to watch it”? It’s not even worth arguing about, is it?



Obv gonna watch it.

Absolutely gutted it’s booked.