Rolling boxing thread



Genuinely amazed this is actually a thing I was more or less settled on the idea that it was just McGregor trolling everyone.


right then

  • Staying up
  • Recording/watching tomorrow
  • Not bothering

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  • Kovalev on points
  • Kovalev KO
  • Ward on points
  • Ward KO

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who do you want to win

  • Kovalev
  • Ward

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working night shift on sunday so pretty much forced to stay up to watch and sleep in til early afternoon.

i much prefer kov as a boxer, don’t really enjoy ward much, but just remembered all the racist shit so fuck him, i hope he loses.


Ticket sales only. He’s gonna be pretty motivated ha ha


eesh not like it did big business last time


how does boxing still not have the infrastructure in place so that when something slightly odd happens somebody has the least fucking clue what to do?

flores took a dive but that shot was clearly late. how can they call that a ko?


Fuck! I only heard about the video, turns out it’s not his first. Hope he gets hammered


Flores was still swinging. Fair KO I guess, not sure of the exact rules tbf tbh


aye, after seeing some more replays i’m not really sure if he was faking. should have been ruled a no contest for me though - he landed a shot as the bell rang and then threw another, wasn’t throwing in combination.

always understood the rules to be - a shot intentionally thrown after the round ends is a DQ and unintentionally thrown after the round is a NC. they sometimes give a grace period if it’s very close to the bell or throwing in combination.


the fuck was that? even if you’re not calling those shots low (they were) give kovalev a standing count.

great shot from ward to kick it off.

fucking weird night.


at first I thought he was faking but on replays it’s like the ref stops him from falling forward rather than him standing up after the punch. Utter farce, Rigo was outclassing him but that should’ve been a NC


Yeah thought Ward was comfortably the better fighter on the night but fucking hell that leaves a bitter taste


oh apparently there are no standing 8 counts in the unified rules, so it was either call it low, stop the fight or let Ward wail on him.

Kov should’ve taken a knee, taken the 10-8 and stayed in it, but he looked shot and like he didn’t particularly fancy it from about the 4th onwards


oh, didn’t know that. fair go.

the big crime was not calling the low shots tbf. saw two borderline before the 8th, one just before the cross that rattled kov and then two or three in that finishing sequence. weeks came out on twitter saying that he’s seen the replay and should have called the last ones low… dunno why you’d ever be giving ward the benefit of the doubt on dirty tactics.

probably would have won anyway… shit though.


Move over Orlando Salido, boxing has a new dick punching king.

I dunno how much of it is Kovalev’s fitness and how much of it was the way Ward just tired him out but he looked shot by the time it was over. It was a weird stoppage and a disappointing finish but Kov really should have took a knee - Weeks clearly wasn’t going to give anything for the low blows and if you just bend over not protecting yourself like that the ref has no choice but to stop it. He’s weirdly naive for such a seasoned fighter. I guess when all your opponents get knocked out you don’t get the kind of experience necessary to deal with a man who’s nullifying your best work and mercilessly trying to punch your junk up into your body.

Weird, weird night of boxing.


So, some things from this week:

Good; Loma-Rigo at 130 is (probably) happening
Good: Crawford - Indongo is happening
Bad: Stiverne is somehow the mandatory for the WBC heavyweight, ahead of Whyte, Pulev, Ortiz
Mental: Ward wants Bellew at Cruiser. Guarenteed to dislocate both Shoulders in round 1 and Bellew to eventually get rid of him in the 11th, proclaiming himself the greatest of all times. Jammy prick


hate bellew on a personal level but it would be proper funny if he finished his career knocking off all these older world class fighters.

loma is surely too big. great fight though.

crawford to school indongo and show that there are indeed levels to this shit.

the WBC is the only organisation that seems actively disinterested in making money.


You’d think. And Rigo will be 37 by the time it happens, probably, but still the fight I most want to see atm. Seems like every fight being made in 2017 is a dreamfight or a complete farce, with nothing in between.


Josh Kelly was fun to watch the other week. Strong Prince Naseem vibes. Will be interested to see how he goes against stronger opponents…


who needs right hands anyway eh